2011 Manataka Powwow

Manataka American Indian Council










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Bald Mountain Park and Campground

Located off Westinghouse Road, Between Hwy 70 East and Hwy 270 East

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas


Admission for Veterans

and Seniors, Kids under 5



Dancing - Drumming - Singing

Storytelling - Games - Wildlife Show



Tipi Village

Indian Food and Crafts

Family Fun!


FREE Camping

Watch Us Dance!

Plenty of Parking

Bleacher Seating

Bring Lawn Chairs and or Blankets


Benefit and Veterans Powwow

$5 adults - $3 children - $5 parking

Be safe and secure - security provided by AIM of MO


Manataka American Indian Council  manataka@sbcglobal.net  501-627-0555

Daniel Sevenhawks, Chairman 

sevenhawks@sbcglobal.net  217-528-9172



See the Line Up of Entertainment



Powwow Chairman

Daniel Hawk Eyes Hoffman, Cherokee

Arena Director

Zach 'Yellow Jacket' Kelerher,


Master of Ceremonies

Fred Blackhorse Dubay,

Apache/ Kiowa




Manataka Dancer Stone Art to be

raffled during the Powwow!

Tedd Meadows and Jeremy Webb, owners of the Tin Grizzly in Hot Springs commissioned a Russian woman in Illinois to create this wonderful piece of art that was donated to Manataka to be raffled off during the powwow.  The special log stand was created by Tedd and Jeremy.

These guys are absolutely incredible and have set up a wonderful new shop downtown Hot Springs and will be vendors during the powwow. It is an honor to have them. We are grateful for their generous donation to Manataka.
The stone art piece is approximately 12" X 9". It is truly captivating. The rock raises in just the right places to form what look like real cheekbones!

Raffle Tickets Only $1.00 each!  Buy several to increase your chances of winning!  If purchasing by Internet:  No need to be present to win.




Powwow Staff:

Arena Director.................

Master of Ceremonies......

Head Drum.......................

Head Man Dancer............

Head Woman Dancer.......

Gourd Dance....................


Sound and Lighting...........


Vendor Liaison................


Zach 'Yellow Jacket' Kelerher, Oglala

Fred Blackhorse Dubay, Apache/ Kiowa

Southern Pine Singers

Daniel Issac, Choctaw

Rebecca Issac, Choctaw


AIM of MO, Cahokia, IL

David Quiet Wind Furr, Cherokee

Elder Mike Burton, Cherokee

Amanda Morning Star Moore, Kituwah

Lee Standing Bear Moore, Kituwah

Hot Springs Village V.F.W. Post 10483 -

Honor Guard


Hot Springs Village Military Order of the Purple Heart -

Information and Ticket Booth

Ouachita Travelers Motorcycle Riding Club -

Lodge Keepers and Parking

American Indian Movement of Missouri -

Security Team


Space for 40 RV's with and without electrical hook-ups -- no water or sewer hook-ups.  There are 25 primitive campsites along a year-round creek and another 40 sites on flat green grass.  We will have about 20 porta-potties spread over site. Permanent restrooms and a shower is available.  All space is on a first-come-first serve basis.


East From Little Rock: Take I-30 to Exit 111. Go West on Hwy 70 to Hot Springs (27 miles).  Before entering the city, Take Westinghouse Road south to Bald Mountain Road, go ml.

South From Texarkana, AR: Take I-30 North to Malvern at Exit 98A to Hwy 270 west to Hot Springs. Right on Westinghouse Road to Bald Mountain Road.

West From Fort Smith, AR: Take Hwy 71 South to Y City; Turn west on Hwy 270 east. Stay on 270 to north (left) on Westinghouse Road to Bald Mountain Road. 

North From I-40 at Russellville, AR:  Take Hwy 7 south to Hot Springs.  Turn on Hwy 70 east go to the eastside of Hot Springs to Westinghouse Road to Bald Mountain Road.

Powwow Protocol

  • The Powwow may be seen as entertainment by the general public, but the Powwow is a ceremonial legacy to be treated with honor and respect.  The Powwow is a link to the American Indian's past and help maintain our rich heritage.  Honor and respect please.

  • The arena dance circle is considered sacred. Visitors should not enter the circle uninvited and children should be supervised and not allowed to run in or around the circle.  Always stand and remove hats during special songs.  The Emcee will usually inform visitors when to stand.  Special songs include the Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Veteran's Songs, or any other song designated by the emcee. 

  • Do not touch a dancer's regalia without permission.  Some ornaments have special meaning and many are handmade heirlooms.

  • It is considered polite to accept an offer of food and a great honor to eat with an Indian family. 

  • Ask before taking pictures - respect those sensitive about having their picture taken.

  • When invited by the emcee or performers, visitors may participate in some social and intertribal dances.

  • The Giveaway is based on the ancient tradition of sharing one's personal wealth with others.  Dancers and other participants often offer small gifts as a form of honor and respect.  Anyone may participate in the Giveaway by placing an offering of a small object or money on the ground at the dancer's feet, on a blanket or in a container during the Honor Song.

  • Alcohol and other drugs are never allowed anywhere on the Powwow grounds.  A strict family environment must be maintained at all times. Loud or rude behavior is not permitted.

  • Do not sit on benches around the arena reserved for the dancers.  Always ask for permission to set up chairs because a family may have the area reserved. 

24 hour a day security is provided by A.I.M Members.

Vendor Information:






Reserve your space now!

Only 40 Booth spaces will be available

on a first-come-first-serve basis




8 Craft Vendors Needed 05-03-11

Manataka Powwow

Vendor Application

September 30 - October 2, 2011


Bald Eagle Mountain Park and Campgrounds

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas


Company / Booth Name:


Your Name:





   State:                                   Zip:


Home / Office Telephone:   Cell: 

Booth Items For Sale:




Check Booth Rental

With Electricity


Without Electricity


Food Concession


*Choice Location


Information Booth

$  60

The sale of ceremonial /sacred items such as eagle parts, sage, and pipes are prohibited. All booth spaces are 20 X 20 unless other arrangements are made. The Manataka American Indian Council is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.  Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean and free of trash and debris. Rental fees are non-refundable.  One meal served free on Saturday for dancers, drummers and vendors.  Shower and free campsites. Choice Locations:  Near gate entrance/exits, food booths.  Booth spaces allow room for tie downs lines between booth spaces.  Vendors may bunk inside the booth overnight.  Vendors must supply extension cords from outlets to the booth. (50' to 75').

Move-In Time:  Thursday, June 9,  9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Move out time:  Sunday, October 2, 1 p.m. to Monday, October 3, 6 p.m. 

Powwow Hours:  Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  Sunday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.



Daniel Sevenhawks, Chairman -            217-528-9172 - sevenhawks@comcast.net

Lee Standing Bear Moore, Secretary - 501-627-0555 - manataka@sbcglobal.net


MAIC Powwow Committee, P.O. Box 476, Hot Springs, Arkansas  USA  71902-0476


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 Double check entries for accuracy.


Once you have submitted your application, send registration

 fee using the appropriate payment button below.



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