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Canine and Feline Epilepsy - Seizures



Canine and feline epilepsy natural remedy treats canine and feline seizures and convulsions

PetAlive EaseSure

PetAlive EaseSure - Natural remedy for prevention and control of seizures and epilepsy in dogs and cats

Use PetAlive EaseSure To:

  • Treat acute seizures and epilepsy in cats and dogs
  • Prevent seizures from occurring
  • To limit after-effects of seizures such Drowsiness and clumsiness
  • Prevent over-stimulation of the nervous system
  • Lower high fevers associated with seizures
  • Regulate blood pressure
Specially formulated for both cats and dogs


What is a seizure?

Although seizures are often thought of as dramatic events, there are a number of different types of seizures, some of which may appear to be quite subtle. 


A generalized seizure (Also known as grand mal seizure, fit or convulsion) generally causes an acute decrease in state of consciousness, repeated movements of the body, excessive salivation, vomiting and often a loss of bladder and bowel control. This event may last from 30 seconds to a few minutes.  It is generally followed by a period of drowsiness, difficulty walking or seeing as well as changes in behavior which can last around 24 hours. This is known as the "Post-Ictal" period.


The other main type of seizure is a focal motor seizure which is a much less dramatic occurrence.  A focal motor seizure will cause just a repeated twitching movement in either the face or limbs and usually only lasts a few seconds.  These type of seizures may often go unnoticed especially if they involve fairly innocuous movements like swallowing.


What causes seizures in pets?

Seizures occur because of a change in the electrical activity of the brain. This can be caused by a variety of things including diseases of the nervous system and the brain itself such as epilepsy. Seizures may also be the result of a blow to the head, chemicals, poisons, fever and even nutrient deficiencies such as calcium deficiency in nursing mothers. 


What is the conventional treatment for seizures?

Treatment for seizures is directed at the underlying cause or disease in cases where this is known.  Anti-epileptic drugs such as Phenobarbital are commonly used to prevent seizures which are severe or occur frequently.


When should I consult my petís veterinarian?

It is important to seek medical care for your pet if he/she has more than one seizure per month, has changed behavior in between the seizures (Excluding the ďPost-ictalĒ period directly after the seizure) or becomes generally lethargic, has difficulty in walking or refuses food.

What is PetAlive EaseSure?

PetAlive EaseSure is a 100% natural blend of herbal and homeopathic ingredients specially selected to treat and prevent seizures in pets. It may be used to relieve acute seizures of multiple causes immediately and may also be used preventatively for the treatment of chronic seizure disorders.

EaseSure Drops may be used instead of or along with your pet's conventional medication for seizures. However, it is not recommended that you discontinue your pet's prescription medication without consulting your veterinarian. Also consult your veterinarian first when deciding to use EaseSure simultaneously with prescription medication so that your pet's progress may be adequately monitored.

EaseSure is easy to administer to pets and comes in convenient drop form.


What are the ingredients of EaseSure?

PetAlive EaseSure contains the following 100% natural ingredients:


Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower) is an herb used widely for anxiety and stress and is also useful for calming an overstimulated nervous system.  In this way Passiflora is effective in both prevention and treatment of seizures, especially when stress is a precipitating factor, as is often the case with seizures.


Scuttelaria laterifolia (Skullcap) is a well-known calmative and antispasmodic herb and will help to reduce over-stimulation that can lead to seizure occurrence. It is also helpful in lowering fever and regulating blood pressure, two further contributing precipitants of seizures in pets.


Hyoscyamus (30C) is a homeopathic remedy valuable in the acute and long-term treatment of all seizures and tic disorders.


Belladonna (30C) is also a homeopathic remedy well-known for its usefulness in seizure control, especially those seizures associated with high fever. 


Cuprum mettalicum (30C), another homeopathically prepared ingredient, controls seizures and addresses any associated mental dullness or vomiting.

(PetAlive EaseSure contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)


How has EaseSure helped others?

"I wanted to let you know that I used your product, PetAlive EaseSure, for seizures my dog was having & she hasn't had any for the past 7 months. Late last summer she started twitching & even falling over. I took her to the Vet who checked her blood & determined it was seizures. He had me give her Phenibarbitol which for two months increased her seizures from once a day to 5-6 times a day!  My boyfriend was giving her the Phenibarbitol with the PetAlive EaseSure and soon forget to give her the prescription. We then realized how well your product works!  Thanks!  -Linda Edelman


"I ordered your EaseSure remedy online out of sheer desperation for my poor Labrador, Gigi.  She had been on Phenobarb for quite some time for her seizures and not only was she still having seizures, the side-effects of the drug caused her to appear permanently sedated.  On top of that, the Phenobarb made her constantly ravenous and she ended up putting on quite a bit of weight- easy for a Lab!  After speaking to my vet about my dissatisfaction I put her on EaseSure as well as the PhenoBarb.  She has not had a seizure since then and my vet has been able to lower her dosage of Phenobarb to the extent that the side-effects are far more manageable.  I am really pleased to have found this natural addition to my Labís medication that has improved her quality of life so much- thank you from both of us!" - Eileen P.


"Several months ago my 3 year old cat began having seizures and boy, was it a scary experience.  I felt so helpless and my heart bled for him as he would be like a zombie for the rest of the day, obviously with no idea of what had happened.  I bought your EaseSure remedy as I have always preferred the natural approach and it has really helped him. When he does have a seizure (which is much more seldom these days) I put EaseSure in his mouth with a squirter-bottle and the fit seems to resolve much quicker and he is completely himself again within a few hours.  Thanks for such a great product- I have stocked up on it!" - Sharon


How do I use EaseSure?

PetAlive EaseSure comes in convenient tincture form.


Chronic: Mix drops in a favorite treat two to three times daily.

Acute: Half the recommended dose may be mixed into a little water and squirted or spooned directly into the back of the mouth when needed (repeat after 5 minutes for up to two doses if necessary).


Cats and small dogs: 2 - 3 drops. 

Medium dogs: 5 drops.

Large dogs: 8 - 10 drops.


Caution: Please consult your veterinarian should symptoms persist. Safety during pregnancy and nursing not yet established.  


Can EaseSure be taken together with my petís current medication?

Generally this is safe to do. It is best to do this under supervision of your vet as, with continued use of EaseSure, the dosage of your petís prescription medication may be lowered or even stopped altogether.


How long until I see results?

When used acutely, EaseSure should take effect within minutes and you will find your petís seizure resolves more quickly than usual.  When used regularly on a chronic basis you will notice a decreased overall frequency of seizures within 3-6 weeks.


How long does one bottle last?

One 50 ml bottle of EaseSure will last for 15 - 60 days, depending on the size and needs of your pet.

A 45-180 day supply of 3 bottles is offered at a discount see the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE special below.


PetAlive EaseSure is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

PetAlive EaseSure is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so your pet can experience relief risk-free.


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