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Rx-Hale Tablets: Herbal Stop Smoking Medication, Nicotine Withdrawal and Cough

Rx-Hale Tablets

Rx-Hale Tablets: Herbal stop smoking medication. Treat the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal naturally - before they start!

Rx-Hale Tablets will:

  • Prepare your body to cope with nicotine withdrawal
  • Help to prevent depression and mood swings often associated with nicotine withdrawal
  • Balance blood sugar levels to prevent sugar craving during withdrawal
  • Prevent withdrawal effects like headaches and insomnia
  • Help to prevent viral infections like colds and flu which often accompany nicotine withdrawal
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Have you tried to stop smoking many times and failed?

Many people try to stop smoking and only a small percentage succeed.

This is because smokers do not receive the support given to other addicts, despite the fact that nicotine dependency is one of the most difficult addictions to beat.

Rx-Hale tablets are the first step in preparing yourself physically and mentally to stop smoking.

Used for four weeks before you stop smoking, Rx-Hale tablets will ensure that when the Big Day arrives - your first day without cigarettes - you will feel confident and prepared!

What are Rx-Hale tablets?

Rx-Hale is a 100% natural product especially designed by Clinical Psychologist, Michele Carelse.

An ex-smoker herself, Michele tried many times to stop smoking and realized the importance of being prepared beforehand.

For best results use along with Crave-Rx or try our complete Stop Smoking UltraPack

60 Caps

How do Rx-Hale tablets work?

One of the most significant stumbling blocks in any attempt to stop smoking is the depression and moodiness usually associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Some Stop Smoking Programs recommend using prescription antidepressants before actually stopping cigarettes and continuing with these for a few months. This has proved successful in helping many people.

At Native Remedies, however, we believe in promoting systemic health and recommend that synthetic drugs be avoided unless absolutely necessary and if there is no other alternative.

While they can help, synthetic anti-depressants can also cause side effects that make the nicotine withdrawal more difficult and may even cause you to begin smoking again.

People who are trying to stop smoking care about their health and many feel that using a synthetic drug does not fit with this philosophy. In addition, the synthetic anti-depressants are expensive and need a doctor's prescription.

Fortunately, nature has excellent alternatives to the synthetic anti-depressants.

Rx-Hale Tablets contain a unique combination of herbal and mineral ingredients to assist with the management of depression and mood swings.

This means that you will feel a sense of well-being and confidence before you even start!

Rx-Hale tablets contain therapeutic doses of Hypericum and Scuttelaria laterifolia, two herbs well known for their beneficial effects on mood and nervous system health.

While Hypericum helps to balance serotonin levels in the brain and ensure the healthy functioning of the entire nervous system, Scuttelaria acts as a nervous system tonic and also prevents the insomnia and headaches usually associated with nicotine withdrawal.

Backed by clinical research, both herbs have been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Along with these two very beneficial herbs, Rx-Hale tablets also include Chromium Picolinate, one of the most easily absorbed forms of chromium.

Chromium is a naturally occurring trace mineral which helps the body to break down protein and fat.

It is also known to assist with the efficient use of insulin, thereby helping the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels and prevent the sugar craving often associated with nicotine withdrawal.

It is also well known that low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) can cause irritability, which can make it more difficult to resist having a cigarette.

Taken during the month before you stop smoking and continued for a few months until the worst is over, Rx-Hale Tablets ensure that your efforts to stop smoking are not foiled by depression, mood swings and sugar cravings.

Taking the tablets every day during the 30 days before you stop also prepares you psychologically for nicotine withdrawal and ensures that you begin the process feeling strong and ready to face the challenges ahead of you!

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Stop Smoking UltraPack

Stop Smoking UltraPack includes:

  • Rx-Hale tablets to prepare your body before beginning nicotine withdrawal
  • Crave Rx Drops to reduce craving, control appetite and prevent weight gain during withdrawal
  • Triple Complex NicoTonic tablets to reduce side effects of nicotine withdrawal

Rx-Hale ingredients

Rx-Hale comes in 800 mg tablets and includes:

Hypericum perforatum (St John's Wort) - a natural antidepressant shown in clinical trials to be as effective as the synthetic drugs, with far fewer side effects. St John's Wort is also a powerful anti-viral and helps to prevent the viral infections, colds and flu that often occur when people stop smoking.

Scuttelaria laterifolia - known for its calming effect on the body, has also been used to help recovering alcoholics and control withdrawal symptoms. It also helps to prevent headaches and insomnia - two very common symptoms in nicotine withdrawal.

Chromium Picolinate - a naturally occurring mineral which assists with balancing blood sugar levels and preventing the sugar craving often associated with nicotine withdrawal.

How have Rx-Hale Tablets helped others?

"As you asked us to write in and tell you how it went, I wanted to share with you that I have not smoked for 9 weeks now. Using the Rx-Hale tablets for the first month before I stopped really helped to prepare me. When the day came I was ready and felt very confident. Like you said it was not easy and I am grateful that you said that because I expected to struggle, but this time my struggles paid off - unlike other attempts. My worst enemy when I tried before was my mood swings which ALWAYS took me back to the cigarettes! I found that sucking the NicoTonic tablets was so soothing and really helped me to calm down. Where I am now, the craving is much better and I think the addiction is gone. Now I don't crave cigarettes but I still MISS them!!! I know I have a long road ahead of me, but this is the first time I feel like I will succeed. I still feel confident and so much healthier and I want to recommend your products and the program to ANYONE who wants to seriously stop smoking." Monica Ann.

"The idea of preparing yourself for the battle ahead is very good. Every day when I swallowed those tablets I was conscious of what I was doing. I counted down the days and prepared myself. By the time the big day came, I felt really really ready and very confident. This has helped me so much. Thank you!" Patrick G.

"It is by now means easy to quit smoking and I have tried many times before. This time I have not smoked for three months and I really feel that it is due to the fact that I felt ready for it before I started to quit. Using the tablets for a month before was such a big help that I even felt excited about the day when I would stop and could hardly wait - can you believe that! What was also great was the NicoTonic - just popping some tablets under my tongue when I felt ratty was so soothing! " Dylan V

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle contains 60 tablets and is one month's supply.

How do I use Rx-Hale?

Begin using Rx-Hale3 - 4 weeks before you stop smoking and continue for 6 months. Take one tablet in the morning and one at night.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established. Do not use concurrently with anti-depressant medication. However, our Triple Complex NicoTonic is safe for use during pregnancy and for nursing mothers.

Note: While Rx-Hale tablets are very helpful as a stand alone aid to stop smoking, they are best used as part of the Stop Smoking UltraPack

Rx-Hale Tablets are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Rx-Hale Tablets are backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief, risk-free.

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