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NV - TRIBAL CHILDHOOD: Growing Up in Traditional Native America by Adolf Hungrywolf
Natural childbirth, a respect for elders and spiritual practice, a sense of responsibility for family and tribe, and training in stillness and attentiveness (especially when interacting with the natural world) were important and beneficial aspects of traditional native childhood. You'll find fascinating stories and information on naming ceremonies, birth practices and remedies, construction and use of cradleboards, initiations into puberty and special societies, and courting and marriage customs along with archival material covering customs among the Winnebago, Flathead-Salish, Navajo, Chippewa, and other Native peoples. More than forty vintage photographs and illustrations are included, along with photos of the author's own children enjoying their own tribal childhood.  Page Count: 224  Width: 6" Height: 9" Format: Soft cover  Publication Year: 2008  Price: $16.95 + s/h


Akwesasne Notes  Basic Call to Consciousness is a compelling critique of Western Culture and an eloquent text on the rights of Indigenous nations. New contributions by John Mohawk, Chief Oren Lyons, and Jose Barreiro provide an added depth and continuity to this revised edition. In 1977 a conference on Discrimination Against the Indigenous Populations of the Americas was hosted by the Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in 1977. Included here are the three position papers that were delivered to the UN by leaders of the Haudenosaunee, or Six Nation Iroquois. These position papers, the first authentic analysis of the modern world ever committed to writing by an official body of Native people, called for fundamental changes in the policies of developed nations and an end to the destruction of the natural world. John Mohawk introduces the events that transpired prior to the trip to UN. Chief Oren Lyons gives an overview on the struggle for self-determination before and since the Geneva meetings. And an afterword by Jose Barreiro looks to a new era of possibility for Native nations. This edition with its expanded end notes, index, and bibliography section, is a valuable resource as a college textbook for classes in history, sociology, religion, and anthropology. Not many books portray the heart and courage of so many people in one volume. In a compelling and impassioned voice, Basic Call to Consciousness speaks for the basic rights of humankind and all our relations.  Photos, illustrations. Page Count: 160; Width: 6 inches; Height: 9 inches; Format: Soft cover; Publication Year: 2005  Price: $12.95 + s/h
NV - DAUGHTERS OF ABYA YALA - Indigenous Women Regaining Control
Women's Committee of the South and Meso-American Indian Information Center  Testimonies of the struggles, the everyday life and accomplishments of Indigenous women from South and Central America. The stories in this publication come from the hearts of these women and describe not only the problems they face, but also their determination to overcome their difficulties. Page Count: 128; Width: 5.25 inches; Height: 8.25 inches; Format: Soft cover  Price: $8.95 + s/h

KEEPING HEART ON PINE RIDGE: family ties, warrior culture, commodity foods, rez dogs and the Sacred by Vic Glover  
Here is an unprecedented look into the lives of contemporary American Indians. In this bold and engaging anthology of real-life stories, author Vic Glover reveals the challenges, history, bonds, and rich traditions that infuse the stark reality of life on the "rez."  Glover invites you to cruise down the back roads of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, one of the poorest regions in North America, where you're introduced to his family, friends, and neighbors. In the midst of daily hardships and a rigorous spiritual path, you'll find a culture of unending sacrifice, tolerance, and generosity. With humor and perseverance they struggle against the social and political forces that shadow their community. This book will touch your heart. For some it will feel like familiar territory; for others an awakening to the struggles and spirit of the people of Indian Country in the 21st century.
Page Count: 160  Width: 6 inches; Height: 9 inches; Format: Soft cover; Publication Year: 2005  Price: $9.95 + s/h


By Jack Weatherford

The discovery and conquest of the New World changed the Old World forever. This book examines the many contributions that Native Americans made to reshape the world.From topics such as economy to diet to the concept of personal freedom. 288 pages, paperback.  Jack Weatherford is an anthropologist at Macalaster College in St. Paul, Minn. His most recent book is "Indian Givers" is a must read.  $ 15.95 + s/h


Edited by Judith Fitzgerald & Michael Fitzgerald
The companion book to Indian Spirit, this book is a compilation of the contributions of many Indian women to the religion, values, governance, education and arts of their tribes. Over 100 historical photos of women from various tribes. 155pp, photos. Paper:
$ 15.95 + s/h


Edited by Michael Fitzgerald

A compilation of 100 historical photographs and eloquent words of Native American leaders. Although there is no longer any way to experience the people and lifeways of the Plains Indians firsthand, we can still approach them through the best photographs and quotes that recall to us the spirit of those times. Indian Spirit achieves precisely that. The pages of Indian Spirit open to us a world of honesty, generosity, self-mastery, courage in the face of adversity, nobility of soul, and of constant living awareness of the Creator in creation." The photos and words are taken from a wide variety of tribes from the Great Plains, but the single message that they express is clear: the olden-day Indians and their way of life were imbued with the presence of the Great Spirit. These photos and words combine to communicate that presence to us, powerfully but with immense grace and dignity. 133pp, photos. Paper: ISBN: 0941532283 $13.95  + s/h  

North American Reflections from Frank A. Rinehart Photograph Collection.  This work looks at 100 of Rinehart's photos from 1898 with 14 essays by leading Native American scholars and researchers who reflect on the place of these images in their heritage. A tremendous collection!  Great for the coffee table! Edited by Simon J. Ortiz
$ 29.95  + s/h  
CP460-  THE SOUL WOULD HAVE NO RAINBOW if the Eyes had No Tears by Guy A. Zona
Drawn from copious research and correspondence with Native American leaders and other tribal sources, these time-honored truths represent the collected experience and wisdom of a culture and offer a universal message to all. Sayings of time honored truth and contemporary wisdom from the Native American tribes. 6x6, 128 pages, paperback
$ 11.95 + s/h  


By Ted Andrews
Animal-Speak helps you meet and work with animals as totems and spirits-by learning the language of their behaviors within the physical world. It provides techniques for reading signs and omens in nature so you can open to higher perceptions and even prophecy. It reveals the hidden, mythical and realistic roles of 45 animals, 60 birds, 8 insects, and 6 reptiles. 7"x10", illus, photos. 

$ 21.95  + s/h

By Michael Garrett

Using storytelling, Michael Garrett inspires us to discover our own unique Medicine. These traditional Cherokee teachings passed down by Michael's great-grandfather instruct us that all things are connected, have purpose, and are worthy of respect and reverence.  204 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, paperback.

$ 15.95  + s/h  


By James W. Loewin
This book goes beyond recounting fallacies of history and correcting American image: it surveys social issues  misreported, ideas misrepresented, and encourages students of history to think about not only the facts, but the reporting which embellishes and colors their presentation. An invaluable guide for the reader. Paperback, 383pp; .74" x 9.22" x 6.23"

$ 17.95 + s/h  


By Heike Owusu and Debbie Patterson
Native Americans displayed a magnificent variety of carved, sewn, and painted symbols on almost all their everyday and ornamental articles--pottery, clothing, masks, shields, and totems. 1,000 illustrations show the fascinating origins and meanings of signs, including the simplest--lines, circles, curves from a variety of tribes and depict bonds with nature, rituals, and legends that convey heroism and wisdom.  5 5/8
X 7 1/2. 150 b/w illus. $ 14.95 + s/h

By Frye Gaillard and Carolyn DeMeritt

They are still the forgotten people of America, their victories little noticed, their problems overshadowed by the larger groups around them. But the Native American tribes of the South and the East are writing new chapters in their people's history, and in that history every tribe is different. Each has its own story, its own intermingling of triumph and struggle and difficult problems that remain to be solved. This book is a collection of these stories, a record of a great coming together, ancient enemies who are finding common ground. The histories, current status, and future aspirations. They are still the forgotten people of America, but the Native American tribes of the South and the East are writing new chapters in their people's history, and in that history every tribe is different. Each has its own story, its own intermingling of triumph and struggle and difficult problems that remain to be solved. Hard Bound, 236 pp, 60 duotones. $ 24.95 + s/h  

OS08069-  RAINBOW SPIRIT JOURNEYS by Wolf Moondance
A dream, a vision, a journey, and a meditation-noted shaman--Wolf Moondance, author of the best-selling Rainbow Medicine--pulls them all together in this beautiful full-color collection of over 50 guided visits to the spirit world that can transform your life. Native American artist Connie Seabourn has created a gallery of original paintings that capture the power and ecstasy of the movement from the world of the two-legged to the world of the spirit. Each journey is simple, brief, and prepared especially to open your heart to spirit and hear its messages. Meet your spirit guide; set off on a path of beauty and manifestation. Remember past lives; find your soul mate; overcome eating disorders, drinking, and drug abuse; stop sleepless nights. Find journeys involving success, health, and the sacred, which will change your life. Take only a few minutes to enter the world of the spirit and bring back the words you need to hear. 144 pages (all in color), 7 1/2 x 9 1/4.
$ 23.95 + s/h
Interviews with American Indian spiritual leaders concerning the long-standing contact that has existed between their tribes and extraterrestrial visitors.  8x10, 208 pages, color and b&w illustrations, paperback. $ 32.95 + s/h



OS18791LEGENDS OF THE STAR ANCESTORS: Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from Wisdom Keepers around the World By Nancy Red Star
Interviews with American Indian spiritual leaders concerning the long-standing contact that has existed between their tribes and extraterrestrial visitors. * First time that Indian wisdomkeepers have shared with the outside world their knowledge of extraterrestrials and their teachings. * Includes more than eighty color illustrations by prominent Indian artists. * Among those interviewed are Dawnland founder Dana Pictou, Mayan Day-keeper Hunbatz Men, Choctaw wisdomkeeper Sequoyah Trueblood, and Creek healer and artist Shona Bear Clark. American Indians have always said, "We come from the stars." What they haven't shared previously is that this extraterrestrial contact continues in sweat lodges and kivas across the land. Breaking their centuries-old silence, elders and spiritual figures from Indian nations in North and Central America speak here of ongoing contact with visitors from other planets and the teachings they bring that can aid humanity. These teachings provide guidelines for racial healing, restoring the balance of nature, mastering psychic abilities, and taking our true place among the peoples of the universe.  $ 24.95  + s/h  
NV - MOUNTAIN HOME - Tales of Seeking A Family Life In harmony With Nature By Adolf Hungrywolf    New!
After 25 years of experience in actually trying to live a more nature-friendly life, the author recounts the highlights and disappointments with a series of fireside tales about wild animals, family pets, simple housing, natural foods, and the daily challenges of raising and home schooling four children in a wilderness setting without phone, TV, electricity or running water.  Price: $14.95  Page Count: 168  Width: 5.5 inches  Height: 8.5 inches  Format: Soft cover Publication Year: 1996  Publisher: Book Publishing Co. Price: $14.95 + s/h


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Foreign Customers: Shipping fees and import duties (if any) may not be calculated properly at time of purchase so please do not click on the payment Add to Cart button or the order may be rejected.  We ask Foreign Customers to email your order.  Please do not include credit card info in the email. Manataka Books



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  • Crafts and culture of the American Indian
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If you are interested in the American Indian and in particular the material culture of the American Indian: Past & Present, WHISPERING WIND is the magazine for you.  Since 1967 we've helped our readers bring the tradition home and help keep the tradition alive. 


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