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Sorry, After many great years of wonderful service, Red Hawk retired December 1, 2012.

No more orders will be accepted for her beautiful work.


Handcrafted Gourds


Water Carrier Woman

She stands a full 18" tall and is 26" around!  Water Carrier Woman has 35 turquoise colored beads and a mix of purple and pink gem stone chips.  Stained and hand-painted with yellow, white, red and black diamond designs.  Black beads surround the water jug.  Gourd WCW40X Only $49.95 + s/h  


Red Hawk: has been doing bead work and crafting for over 30 years.  Her excellent work reflects different Native designs.  Although she is not a member of a recognized tribe, she is very proud of her rich Ottawa & Sauk ancestry and honors her culture through her work.  American Indian Gourds:  Gourds have been used by indigenous people of Turtle Island for thousands of years.  Here is a list of the many varied uses:   Gourds have been used as percussion Musical Instruments by tribes around the country. Water drums, rattles, water drums and rain sticks. The Hopi use gourds in Ceremonies such as prayer sticks and cover gourds with cord net for water containers and are sometimes use them for containers that are buried with the dead.  The Havasupai, Cherokee, Acoma, Laguna, and dozens of other tribes used gourds for Cooking as cups, bottles, storage containers, dippers, canteens, ladles and spoons. Gourds were also used as  Toys and for games. The Ojibwa eat young gourds before the rind hardens for  Food.  The Seminole use gourds for healing analgesic Medicine for headaches and body pains.  Seeds were burned to smoke or smudge the body to treat mental problems.  The Cherokee used a poultice of soaked seeds to treat boils.  Many southern tribes used the crushed leaves of gourds that were soaked in a poultice and applied to the forehead for headaches.


Brown Bear Bowl

This beautiful bowl measures 7"- 8" high and 22 1/2" around and is so pretty you will not know which side to show.  The back side is adorned with a 2" x 1" Turquoise stone surrounded by brown and white gem stone chips.  This handsome gourd bowel is stained and hand painted to look great sitting on a fire place mantel or table.  One half side is designed with a walking Brown Bear and Pine bows.  The sides are painted black with pine bows and cones, the strip is painted with red, orange, turquoise and white beads.  The back of the bowl is designed with the turquoise stone and stone chips bordered in blue, white, orange, red, yellow, green, navy, and brown lacey designs artfully blended with intricate patterns blended into one piece.  The top has two layers of woven twine.  Gourd BBB35X  Only $44.95 + s/h  



Fancy Dancer Beaded Gourd

Buy this beautiful dream catcher theme beaded gourd or design your own.  2" tall X 6" around, a totem animal of your choice or a gem stone is protected inside the gourd with a spider web dream catcher stretched across the opening. 


The outside of this gourd is done in peyote stitched beads, but yours could be hand painted, stained or wood burnt.  This gourd has a horse inside made from real turquoise, but your gourd could have a wolf, bear, eagle, hawk, turtle or other totem animal.  This magnificent gourd is decorated with real Schwartz crystals, but we can add any gem stone color you like.  This Fancy Dancer Beaded Gourd has a real bone crafted feather, but you can choose a variety of 'dangles'. Gourd FDB30X. Only $39.95 + s/h 


Bear Totem Dream Catcher Gourd

This is a 2" gourd with a Bear inside. It has Zwarovski crystals and a pewter feather. There is a Bear burned into each side and a Bear claw on the back. Gourd BTDC30X. Only $39.95 + s/h




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