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Sorry, After many great years of wonderful service, Red Hawk retired December 1, 2012.

No more orders will be accepted for her beautiful work.




Beautifully Beaded Prayer Fans


"Pathway Guide" 

Beaded and Feather Fluff Prayer Fan - Sample Only


All Red Hawk prayer fans are blessed with sage and prayers are offered during every step of construction. The handle is wrapped in soft buckskin and each feather is hand beaded.  Free shipping and handling!  Feathers may vary in size.  Only $75. 




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SPECIAL ORDER:  your own colors and design - $95 to $125.  SPECIAL ORDER:

Free shipping and handling! 





Warrior's Path Choker

This handsome choker is beaded with a unique Native design. The ends are tightly secured inside deer hide ties. It is 1 1/4" wide. The colors are Matt Black, Bright White, Dark Yellow Corn, Rust Brown, Buckskin and Teal. 


Small- 13"- 14"  - $29.95 C20 Large- 21" to 24" - $39.95 C28



Medium-  15" to 17" - $35.95 C25 Extra Large  23" - 25" $49.95 C32


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SPECIAL ORDER:  your own colors and design - $59 to $89. 






Moon Wolf Necklace

Moon Wolf necklace howls with a mix of Tiger's Eye stone chips along with other precious stone chips, 16 real Sleeping Beauty Turquoise beads, 2 medium size real Turquoise beads and 2 large pieces of Turquoise. Wolf teaches balance between your family and yourself. Wolf demands a lot from us but gives back much in return.




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Small - 13"- 14"  - $24.99;  Medium - 15" to 17" - $26.99; Large - 21" $28.99


Bee Deer Hawk Squirrel
Black Bear Dragonfly Horse Turtle
Brown Bear Eagle Peacock Whale
Black Raven Fish Rabbit Wolf
Buffalo Frog Red Fox  
Crow Grizzly Snake  

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Whatta Great Gift!


Arrow Hat Band

This hat band is 24" long by 1 1/4" wide. It is decorated with white, turquoise, red, orange and yellow diamonds on a black beaded back ground. It has white arrows going around the band. The ends are secured in deer hide ties that are tied through a bronze colored arrow head.

Small- 6 1/8 to 6 3/9     $29.95 HB25

Large- 7 to 7 3/8         $39.95 HB29

Medium-  6.5 to 6 7/8     $35.95 HB27 Extra Large- 7.5 to 8  $49.95 HB32

Beaded Powwow Barrettes

Only $39 each + s/h


Hours of expertly handcrafted bead work, love and prayers go into these

outstanding hair barrettes from Red Hawk measuring a full 5 inches wide.





Notice:  Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990:  This website does not imply or suggest that items for sale on this website are hand made by a person or persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe, unless otherwise indicated in writing and clearly identified next to the item displayed.  You are advised to first assume all items displayed for sale on this website are not made by a member of a federally recognized tribe.   The list of items specifically made by persons who are members of a federally recognized tribe has been deleted to avoid consumer confusion -- and pages displaying non-manufactured, handcrafted arts and crafts contain a notice regarding the origin of items displayed on that page.   Items such as books, cd's, dvd's, t shirts, ceremonial items, clothing and regalia, drums, flutes, flags, furs/hides, gifts, home decor, greeting cards, healing clay, herbal medicine, herbal tea, jewelry, soap nuts, teepees, videos, and women's gifts are not hand made by a members or members of a federally recognized tribe.  In some cases, a supplier company may be owned by an American Indian who is a member of a federally recognized tribe, but the item by its nature (books, t-shirts, etc.) are not classified as an art or craft and therefore are not identified as being made by a person who is a member of a federally recognized tribe.  For a copy of a free brochure entitled, "How To Buy Genuine American Indian Arts and Crafts" go to and 


The artist, Red Hawk who handcrafts items displayed on craft pages linked to this page is not a member of a federally recognized tribe, but is of American Indian descendant.  Read  Meet Red Hawk



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