Choosing Dream Catcher Wind Chimes

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Choosing Dream Catcher Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a lovely and beneficial addition to any porch, garden or patio. They produce a delightful sound that can relax you and even lower your blood pressure. They come in an assortment of designs that are pleasing to look at, as well. Some people believe that, when placed correctly, they have healing properties, curing negative energy around your home and garden. Dream catcher wind chimes may provide even more positive benefits, as these beautiful pieces are believed to catch bad dreams as they travel through the night air. Choosing a dream catcher wind chime is simple to do, once you decide what best suits you.

The first feature to determine is the size of wind chimes that will be suitable for your home. Decide where you want to hang them and then measure the area, including height, width and depth. Make sure there is adequate room for the chimes to dangle and sway in the wind so that you can fully enjoy their sound. Think about other objects in the area as well. For instance, if there is a bush in front of your porch, make sure they will not hide the dream catcher or block the chimes from the blowing breeze.

Another important consideration is the material from which the chimes are made. While the dream catcher itself will likely be made from thread woven around a circle of wood, wind chimes are available in metal, wood, bamboo, clay, glass and many other materials. The composition of a set of chimes will affect both their appearance and their sound. For instance, bamboo chimes create a low, knocking sound while metal chimes produce a higher, tinkling sound. All wind chimes are pleasing to the ear, but you may prefer one tone to another.

Take your time browsing different dream catcher wind chimes. Close your eyes and listen to the way they sound. Look for something that makes you smile. Then take it home, hang it near your window and prepare for pleasant dreams.