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Colorado West

Fine Apparel


Women's Western and Biker

Jackets, Shawls, Skirts and Vests

Colorado West

Women's Wear

     Western - Biker - Fashion Jackets

     Purses and Belts


Men's Wear

     Western - Biker - Fashion Jackets



Kid's Wear

     Western Wear






We require exact measurements on each order for a custom-made fit. Send your exact measurements by email.


  • $10 charge for orders of 4XL up.

  • Next business day shipping.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Exchanges or returns welcome.

  • 10% restocking fee on returns.

  • Shipping and handling not included.


Our jackets are made with real

bone beads.


All beading is painstakingly done by

hand and all are hand cut.  Really!


Each piece is truly a work of art!


The only time a machine is used

is to sew the seams.



Thank you for your interest in Manataka's Colorado West Fine Apparel. You will find we are a different sort of organization.  We are a nonprofit organization that does not accept government or national foundation grants or performs mass funds.  Our staff is 100% all volunteer. Our goal is to to bring you the highest quality products at low prices.

We constantly work to add new designs that will excite you. Our apparel is imported.  The are not Native American made.


296 Duster

Becky Suede Leather

Amanda Suede Shawl

Adventure Lamb

Amber - ECO Line

American Girl


Mountain Two-Tone Suede

Raven Lamb Skin

Dakota Lamb

Elizabeth Suede



Kango Queen

Ghani Suede Shawl

Heather Lamb - ECO Line

Holly Lamb - ECO Line

Janis Cow Hide Suede

Lacey Lamb - ECO Line

Lucky Suede

Maple Lamb - ECO Line


Mountain Suede

Roxy Lamb - ECO Line

Ruby One

Ruby 1 Vest

Sage Lamb - ECO Line


Ssndra Lamb Short

Sandra Duster - ECO Line


Star Lamb Shawl

Sierra Jacket - ECO Line

Sissy Suede Leather



Wolf Vest


27 Skirt - 5 colors!

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