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Naturally relieve and heal the pain of an episiotomy


 Easitomy Cream

Use Easitomy Cream  to:

  • Prepare the perineal area for childbirth
  • Relieve the pain of an episiotomy, perineal tear or general injury following childbirth
  • Promote healing of the perineal area
  • Reduce swelling and formation of scar tissue

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For natural healing of episiotomies and perineal tears after childbirth.


What is an Episiotomy?

An episiotomy is an incision made into the area around the vaginal opening (perineum) either towards the anus or at an oblique angle, to enlarge the space through which the baby must pass.

This is generally done to expedite delivery or to prevent spontaneous tearing of the perineum as a controlled cut was often thought to heal better than a random tear.

At one time, episiotomies were almost standard procedure in hospital births. However, they have become somewhat controversial due to the possibility of complications and research that has shown that episiotomies may actually increase pain and recovery time after childbirth.

A well prepared mother and a skilled midwife can greatly reduce the need for an episiotomy which should only be performed when necessary and for the benefit of the mother and baby, rather than the convenience of the delivery team!

Many professional midwives pride themselves in being able to deliver babies without the need for episiotomies or risk of perineal tear, by skillful guiding and coaching of the mother during the second stage of labor.

What is NaturalEco Easiotomy Cream and how can it help you?

The period immediately following childbirth is almost certain to bring some amount of discomfort and soreness. Of course, it all depends on your specific birth experience.

While some women experience only minor discomfort, others may find the healing process a little more prolonged. Some of the more important factors in how much discomfort you can expect are:

  • Whether this was your first delivery
  • The amount of damage caused to the perineum and if you suffered a perineal tear
  • Whether or not you had an episiotomy
  • The skill of your midwife in the delivery of your baby

Whether you have an episiotomy wound, perineal tear or just general bruising and soreness from childbirth, you will find our NaturalEco Easiotomy Cream invaluable for soothing discomfort, pain and burning as well as preventing infection and the formation of scar tissue.

NaturalEco Easiotomy Cream is made from selected herbs, minerals and vitamins to prepare the perineum before childbirth and to soothe and facilitate healing and to reduce discomfort after delivery.

What are the ingredients of Easiotomy Cream?

Easiotomy Cream contains the following proven, natural ingredients in a pure, aqueous cream base:

Vitamin E Oil is widely used to promote healing, protect cells from free-radical damage and reduce discomfort and itchiness. Many people use Vitamin E products topically to ensure optimal skin health.

Silica is essential in the maintenance of healthy and strong skin and is the main component in all connective body tissues. Silica also stimulates cell metabolism and cell formation, improving elasticity.

Comfrey oil soothes and heals inflamed tissues. This oil is an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce swelling and pain whilst also stimulating the growth of new cells to speed up the process of healing. Comfrey oil is widely used for arthritis pain, bruises, dislocations and other injuries.

Lavender oil is valued for its antiseptic, healing and calming properties and is wonderful for reducing discomfort and improving perineal healing after childbirth.

Ranunculus ficaria (Pilewort) can be used for all types of perineal damage as well as hemorrhoids as it helps to soothe discomfort and encourage healing. Pilewort also prevents infection of wounds.

Hypericum perforatum is also called St. John's Wort and is commonly used as an internal remedy for treating depression and other ailments. Applied topically, as it has been in ancient European folk tradition, Hypericum perforatum heals and soothes all types of superficial wounds as well as burns

Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) is used topically to treat wounds of the skin and connective tissue as it stimulates healing and prevents formation of scars.

Witch Hazel is excellent for reducing inflammation, bleeding and pain. It has long been used by Native Americans to relieve the pain, swelling, bruising, & bleeding of external injuries. Witch Hazel has anti-bacterial properties which helps to prevent infection.

How do I use Easiotomy Cream?

Easiotomy Cream can be used both before and after birth to prevent and heal perineal damage. For a few weeks before birth, the cream should be lightly massaged into the affected area one to three times a day, after cleansing. After birth, gently apply the cream once or twice a day after cleansing.


'After giving birth to my son I was almost completely debilitated by the pain of the episiotomy incision and battled to sit, stand , walk…all the normal things one has to do on a daily basis especially with a new baby! My mother told me that I should expect weeks of this pain but after using your Easiotomy Cream not only did I feel an immediate soothing effect, I was also up and about with much less pain and discomfort after just a few days. I am so pleased I found this cream- thank you so much!' Judy L., first-time-mom

'My midwife introduced me to your Natural Eco range and I wanted to let you know how much I like your products, which I would recommend to any person about to have a baby. I am especially grateful for your Easiotomy Cream which I used even though I did not have an episiotomy. Compared to the birth of my first child, it really helped to relieve the stinging pain and I healed very quickly too.' Angie, KY

What else can help?

Cold packs or compresses placed on the perineum can help to relieve the worst of the discomfort during the first few days after delivery. Special compresses for the perineum may be provided by your hospital or birthing center or may be bought from medical supply stores. However, even a clean cloth soaked in a little lavender or rose water and applied to the perineal area for a few minutes will provide welcome relief.

'Sitz baths' or sitting in a clean tub filled with cold or warm water will provide relief from pain and reduce swelling. Adding salt to the water will also help to prevent infection.

Use a squirt bottle to decrease burning pain when urinating. Squirt your perineal area with water while urinating as well as afterwards for a gentler option than wiping.


Easiotomy Cream is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Easiotomy Cream is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief risk-free.

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