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The History of Flower Essences

"There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness."

- Dr. Edward Bach, 1934

Flower remedies were first developed by an English physician named Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1930's. He developed a range of 38 flower essences to address the various negative states of mind and which he believed would be able to cure all imbalances in the body.

Dr Bach's philosophy was to address ill-health at the level of the emotional self or the soul. Although this concept was completely different to the conventional medical thinking of Dr. Bach's time, modern research has shown that a person's emotions and state of mind do indeed have a profound influence on physical health.

The philosophy behind the flower essences is that optimum physical health can only be achieved through emotional and spiritual harmony which will free the body of blockages and allow it to heal itself.

The Healing Effects of Flower Essences

The healing effects of flower essences come from the vibrational energies of the selected flowers.

According to Dr Bach, all body diseases are caused by imbalances or negativity in the soul. The essences of flowers used in his remedies were able to correct the problem at this level and, by balancing the disharmonies in the emotional and spiritual body, they would create healing in any body area that was diseased or simply out of balance.

For example, Holly heals anger and envy and therefore opens up the heart to allow the individual to be truly loving.

Gem Essences

NaturalEco has also combined gem and crystal essences with the healing flower essences. In this respect, we are one of very few companies who use the healing vibrational energies of selected crystals and gemstones together with the flower essences in our remedies.

Gem essences are manufactured in a similar way to flower essences, but harness the vibrational energies unique to each different gemstone or crystal.

How do Flower and Gem Essences work?

The effectiveness of flower and gem essences is achieved by raising the vibrational energies of the person who takes them.

According to quantum physics laws, when two objects vibrating at different frequencies are brought together, they impact on each other and an interference pattern is set up out of which a new frequency of vibration is produced.

Flower and gem essences hold the higher frequency of the flowers and stones from which they are made. This, in turn, works to lift the frequency of the person who uses the essence.

Flower and gem essences are a unique healing modality in their own right. They are different from herbal and homeopathic remedies. Although sometimes confused with aromatherapy oils, flower and gem essences are not oils or herbal extracts and are manufactured and work differently from even these natural remedies.

What makes our Essences different?

Flower Essences are produced by many companies in the 21st century to varying degrees of quality and effectiveness. However, due to the constraints of mass production, very few follow the original manufacturing guidelines as laid down by Dr Bach.

In line with our philosophy, our NaturalEco Flower and Gem Essences are all produced with scrupulous attention to detail and all production processes are carefully selected in order to prevent any degeneration of the remedies and to prevent any decrease in the healing vibrational energy of the flowers and gems from which they are made.

This has led to a conscious choice to avoid mass production and the mechanized methods now utilized by the majority of companies involved in producing most Flower Essences currently on the market.

Our Essences Come from a Spiritual Place

NaturalEco Essences are completely hand-produced on the southern tip of Africa at the foot of Table Mountain, believed by many to be one of the twelve chakras of the planet Earth and a place where the energy leylines of Africa converge.

Table Mountain is found in an area called the Cape Peninsula and is home to one of the six Floral Kingdoms of the world. The Cape has an amazing diversity of flora despite its small size and there are currently more than 8600 species known to grow indigenously.

Many flowers used in our Essences are indigenous to the Cape area and are wild crafted or grown organically in the beautiful and tranquil Constantia hills away from noise, pollution and power lines which can all adversely affect the flowers and their healing properties.

Hand-picked and Bottled for the Best Quality

After being hand-picked, the flowers are distilled in pure water out in natural, open sunlight. A similar process is followed in the case of the gem essences. The combined flower and gem essences are then hand-bottled and hand-labeled.

Unlike many other commercially available essences on the market today, there are no production lines, electronic equipment or mechanical machinery involved in the manufacture of our essences.

This is true to the manufacturing process laid down by Dr Bach in order not to negatively affect the vibrational healing energy of the flowers or gems in any way.

As mechanized stages in production can negatively affect the healing properties, we are therefore passionate about producing and packaging the essences entirely by hand in order to retain the full vibrational energy of the flowers and gems used. Even the labels are applied by hand!

The Purity of Our Essences

In addition, in line with our philosophy and quest for purity, all NaturalEco essences are produced using the original pure stock-strength mother essences. Many manufacturers sell highly-diluted essences that contain very little, if any, of the original flowers' rejuvenating properties.

NaturalEco Essences are a combination of several flower and gem essences specifically chosen to address a specific need or difficulty. This allows you to get the best of several essences in one remedy - reducing hassle, difficulty in choosing what is right for you as well as cost. Please see the individual essence remedies (listed below) for more detail.

Are Flower and Gem Essences safe?

Yes. Due to the manufacturing process, there are no side effects or drug interactions with Flower Essences and they are completely safe for everyone including pregnant or breast-feeding women, children and infants. You can therefore feel confident in using NaturalEco as your trusted supplier of Flower Essences for pregnancy and early motherhood.

How should Flower and Gem Essences be stored?

Due to the sensitive nature of the vibrational energy of Flower and Gem Essences, they should be stored out of direct sunlight and away from water, dust or heat. It is also important to keep the essences far from any source of magnetic fields including electronic equipment (e.g. computers) and speakers.

The NaturalEco range of Flower and Gem Essences includes:


First Trimester

  • Creation Essence

Second Trimester

  • MindStill Essence

Third Trimester

  • LastStage Essence


  • Eze-Birth Essence


  • PureMother Essence


  • WelcomeBaby Essence


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