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These selected films are available to the public on important subjects from Spirituality, Land Claims, and Traditional Music to Politics.  These award-winning professional broadcast TV programs are some of the best in North America!  Classroom rebroadcast rights included. Suitable for all ages





- Quality Award Winning Films -


Beat of the Drum – Broadcast:  BCTV
Official Entry, Native American Journalists Association

The drum is the heartbeat of mother earth; to beat the drum is to match the heartbeat. As we sing our songs to the drum we "talk to the spirits". From rock and roll to electronic to traditional music. An upbeat, fast-paced program as four "high profile" Canadian First Nations musical performers and songwriters are profiled. A great fast moving program for all audiences - from 12 and up. 44 minutes $99.00


Coming Soon!

The Circle of Life (The Medicine Wheel 2)  – 

in production. A search for the ancient stone circles in Canada and beyond.


First Nations Role Models – Broadcast:  BCTV
Certificate of Honor, American Indian Film Festival

A publisher, an educator, a Metis political leader and a fisherwoman / filmmaker are profiled in this unique examination of prominent First Nations people in Canada.  As we travel from community to community we discover a variety of First Nations "communication" of philosophy and ideals.  24 minutes  $99.00


Indianer means native person in German. In Germany there is a group of people that hold Indian Powwows, that sing tradition Indian songs and that dance as traditional North American people. This is the greatest honor these people could show native people. That they believe in us so much they are willing to copy our culture and “be” us. This group of people in Germany is growing larger every year. This unique and very different program is suitable for anyone interested in just how our native culture is accepted and honored in Europe. 20 Minutes  $99.00 


Kinja Iakaha  A Day In The Village 
A day in the life of a traditional Amazon, Brazil Indian village. This one is great! Its like going back thousands of years to a normal day in the village – as the traditional native people prepare food, hunt, fish, build shelter from the rain. The color and the antics of the happy people as they just go through their lives. The program is rich with village culture and activities. From farming to school to traditional dance - colorful images and joyful emotions prevail as the villagers enjoy their community. The program is a must-see for all audiences to experience real life in a traditional Amazon Indian village. 40 minutes. $149.00


Living In Two Worlds – Broadcast: Knowledge Network
This is perhaps one of the best documentaries available on how native people in see themselves - their past, present and their future.  Young native people explore the meaning of being a native in a modern world while traditional elders highlight the past and the meaning being managers of the land.  This very moving and likeable film is a must see for all who want to catch a candid glimpse of native people as they really see themselves and as they struggle to maintain their identity as they live in two worlds - the old and the new.  20 minutes  $99.00


Making Treaties – Broadcast:  Global TV

Award - Official Entry in the American Indian Film Festival
"As the rest of the world uses guns and explosives, in Canada we can sit down like civilized people and deal with the issues of indigenous land rights through negotiations." The program presents an emotional and personal approach to the outcomes of the modern treaty process.  Profiles on First Nations throughout BC blend with input from resource developers and governments as this emotional and insightful program weaves our tale of land ownership and forecasts our economic future.  By presenting a balanced perspective (native and non-native alike) on land claims in BC and by educating a concerned public we may begin to build the very needed bridges and the honest dialogue that must exist for all societies to coexist in unison in BC and to reach a just and needed agreement on our land and, ultimately, our future.  The program is a must-see for all audiences. 44 minutes. $149.00 


The Medicine Wheel Broadcast:  BCTV
Award - CanPro Silver Medal, Best Documentary

An emotional story of First Nations spirituality told in the first person by a Cree woman from Manitoba. Visually moving segments highlight the Sweat Lodge and Pipe Ceremonies as she explores the timelessness and the meaning of the Wheel that may be at the center of native spirituality. The viewer learns, as our host learns, the significance of one's own personal spiritual journey through life and of brotherhood and sisterhood through the "teachings" within the Medicine Wheel.  24 minutes  $99.00


Native Women: Politics - Broadcast:  Global TV

Award - Best Documentary, Native American Journalists Association
An emotionally moving and upbeat program that gives voice to some of our finest Canadian Aboriginal women. Historical segments in the program contrast the traditional equality of power, male to female within native community, versus the regression in the roles and power of First Nations women under European dominance.  We hear the voices of strong women "leaders" on how they view the rebuilding of balanced self-government within their community in the future.  The Indian Act and Bill C31 are examined to highlight their effect on First Nations women.  24 minutes  $99.00


The Residential Schools  This inspiration and very emotionally moving program looks at the “other side” of the Residential Schools experience.  As many First Nations “survivors” share their stories we come face to face with the fear, confusion and sometimes-hurtful experience that were the Residential Schools.  Seen from a First Nations perspective we come to realize just what effect these schools have really had on First Nations people  then and now!  And we start to realize some of the healing that has begun as a result of finally facing the truth about these schools.  A must see for all audiences.  24 minutes  $99.00 


Reclaiming Our Children 
About 45% of the children in care are First Nations - why is this and what are we doing about it?  A tremendous amount of positive energy has been generated around this issue as we are really talking about the future generations and the importance of working together to make sure children have better lives.  The program explores the truth about First Nations children in care and suggests new ways of seeing the difficulties that we face.  60 minutes  $99.00 


Sleepdancer  - Drama - Independent - (90 min.) Sleepdancer follows Derek Smith (Mark Wells), a half-Native American coroner's investigator, as he stumbles upon the mysterious Tommy Jordan (Rodrick Pocowatchit), a Native man whose father has just passed away. Tommy is vulnerable and doesn't speak. Through a series of letters, Derek unravels Tommy's story, and becomes infatuated with helping him while his own relationship crumbles. Sleepdancer is about love, loss and fractured Family. Great for all audiences. - 60 minutes $149.00


Coming Soon!

So Far From Home 

A moving story of two young native street-people searching for the meaning of their home.


Coming Soon!

Totem Poles

A glorious picturesque search for the meaning of the totem poles.



Vanishing Links - A personal and emotionally moving program about one woman's "return" to her spiritual roots and native identity. As this exciting story unfolds through the woman's direct experiences the viewer follows her journey and so travels deeper into her "emotional return". Woven together with riveting stories from Elders brought to life through stirring traditional art, dances, songs, and crafts. Vanishing Link explores the "link" to our elders and their native spirituality through the oral traditions while following a unique spiritual quest. The program is a must-see for all audiences and great for schools, libraries and classroom. 60 min. - may be viewed in two parts ($149.00)


Whose Land Is This?Broadcast:  Global TV

Award - American Indian Film Festival
An exciting, fast paced one-hour documentary about First Nations' historical and contemporary relationship to the Canadian governments in settling the land question in Canada.  As historical sentiments document the "truth" of settlement and treaties, modern candid moments with the British Columbia Treaty Commission and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, and other First Nations highlight emotional and political perspectives on the land in BC.  An emotionally moving and informative documentary.  Broadcast:  Global TV.  44 minutes. ($149.00)




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