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Will the REAL Cherokees Please Stand Up?


Compiled and written by Takatoka, Freelance Writer





A political campaign disenfranchise thousands of Cherokee descendents was barely noticed when leaders of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) started the program back in 1998.  But, there are signs the campaign may be picking up some momentum because folks are beginning to react.


But, there are questions about the direction of the momentum and whether it will help or hurt the CNO.


The Cherokee Nation claims that hundreds of nonprofit Cherokee groups, found in many states across the country, are seeking to take away their identity and benefits that have been reserved for the Cherokee Nation.  Two-hundred and four organizations, comprising an estimated 125,000 Cherokee descendent members, are currently listed on the Cherokee Nation website as "Fraudulent Indians".   http://taskforce.cherokee.org/


The website states: "...Hundreds of false Indian groups are claiming to be sovereign tribes and are teaching their own fabricated culture and history as if it were Indian. They apply for and receive aid from the same sources that fund the historic treaty based obligations intended for Indians. Yet they do not measure up to the credentials required of true tribes..."  (See Proof below)


A group called the Cherokee Nation (Fraudulent Indian) Task Force supported by the CNO is behind the political campaign.  According to their website the purpose of this task force is "...to provide information to the general public and local/state/federal government representatives, expose false Native American tribes, also referred to as wannabe's, and defend the Sovereignty, History, and Culture of federally recognized tribes..."


It is the plan of the CNO to convince elected officials, federal and state government agencies, and corporate foundations to stop giving grants for education, healthcare, social and administrative to nonprofit Cherokee organizations.  The idea is if all these organizations are prevented from accepting grants, the Cherokee Nation can have more money and the CNO picks up political power.


But, there appears to be kinks in the plan and the plan may backfire on CNO leaders.


First, everyone who knows about the "Cherokee Freedmen Controversy" has a bad taste in their mouth over the issue.  About twenty-years ago the CNO decided to dis-enroll hundreds of black Cherokee descendents, effectively preventing them from voting in CNO elections, receiving healthcare, housing and education benefits or collecting casino funds.  This made a bunch of folks angry as charges of racism and greed were heard across the country.


After the American Civil War, the Cherokee Freedmen were made citizens of the tribe in accordance with an act of the Cherokee National Council in 1863. A treaty made with the United States government in 1866 further cemented their place as Cherokee citizens and gave Freedmen descendants federally protected rights to citizenship. The Freedmen were Cherokee Nation citizens until the early 1980s when the Cherokee Nation's administration stripped them of voting rights and citizenship for more than two decades.  The CNO Supreme Court and U.S. Federal courts ruled in favor of the Cherokee Freedmen, but Principal Chief Chad Smith held a controversial emergency election and the membership of black Cherokee Freedmen descendents was removed.  Smith claimed the issue was not motivated by racial or monetary reasons, but was done to protect the Cherokee Nation sovereignty.


Many prominent elected officials across the nation were enraged and efforts were begun in the U.S. Congress to strip the CNO of its funding and federal recognition.  The issue is still fresh in the minds of Congress and among thousands of Cherokee descendents across the country.   Cherokee descendents and elected officials across the nation remember -- it was racism motivated by greed.  


Now, new charges are beginning to surface attacking CNO's leadership about their 'Fraudulent Indian' political campaign that some say is a thinly veiled effort to grab more federal tax dollars and consolidate more political power.


Second, the CNO assumes the 204 Cherokee nonprofit organizations will sit back and allow their families and all their descendents to be disenfranchised.

The CNO may not realize that some groups are in constant communication with one another and it will not be too difficult to form a strong coalition -- Many voices can overcome one big voice.   There are signs that such a coalition may be forming now.


According to Chief James Billy Chance of the Chickamauga Cherokee in Florida, "...the Cherokee in Oklahoma forgot what it is to be a Native American.  

What they once knew died on the Trail of Tears.  They forgot and lost what makes them Cherokee.  Now they care only for themselves.  I pray for them..."




An internet petition campaign was recently started to counter CNO strong-arm tactics. 


The petition

We, the undersigned, do hereby request the President of the United States, The Senate and House of Representatives, and the Judiciary of the United States of America, to help protect and defend the rights of all Class IV Cherokee Descendants to retain the right to band together in Governmental units with by-laws of our own enactment for the gathering of and preservation of our Heritage for ourselves and our progeny.

We ask that all actions against our rights by any Governmental agency, Federal, State, or Tribal to cease and desist. In return we assure any Governmental agency, Federal, State, or Tribal that we do not wish to impose on the Sovereign Rights of any Government. We acknowledge that we are loyal Citizens of the United States of America but are also of Cherokee Descent and so wish to embrace our Heritage without being hindered, to band together for Social and Creative, Organizational, or Governmental purposes, as we feel it is our right given to us by our Creator and is the natural order of Creators Earth.

Now we ask you, that have been put into positions of leadership and power over us by our Creator, to diligently work toward the rights of all Class IV Cherokee Descendants, so we may assume and maintain our rightful place to exist as Cherokee Descendants.

Sign the petition





Indian according to the B.I.A.

By Paul Thomas Vickers, Author of Chiefs of Nations



The following is a list of organizations the CNO claims are fraudulent:

Source: Cherokee Nation (Fraudulent Indian) Task Force website:  http://taskforce.cherokee.org/


AL The Cherokee Tribe of Northeast Alabama http://members.aol.com/ctnealhome/
AL Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama http://echotacherokeetribe.homestead.com/
AL Chickmaka Band of the South Cumberland Plateau http://chikamaka-cwy.org
AL Chero-Creek Intra Tribal Indians (Dothah, AL) http://www.aiac.state.al.us/Cher-O-Creek%20tribal%20history.htm
AL United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation http://www.ucan-online.org/
AL Cherokee of Southeast Alabama http://members.aol.com/ctnealhome/
AL The Langley Band of Chickamogee of Cherokee Indians  
AL Eagle Bear Band of Free Cherokees
AL Cherokee River Indian Community http://www.cric.org/
AL Cherokee of NE Alabama (formerly Cherokee of Jackson Co.)
AL Chickamauga Cherokee of Alabam http://dads.ala.nu/
AL Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama Wolf Clan http://www.echotacherokeewolfclan.com/
AL Phoenician Cherokee II Eagle Tribe of Sequoyah  
AL Principal Creek Indian Nation East of the Mississippi  
AL Cherokee Nation of Alabama  
AL United Cherokees of Alabama  
AR Confederated Western Cherokees of Arkansas http://www.cherokeehosting.com/cwc/
AR Arkansas Cherokee Nation http://arkansascherokee.us/
AR Central Tribal Council  
AR Cherokee Nation West of Missouri and Arkansas (formerly Cherokee Nation West - Southern Band of the Eastern Cherokee Indians of AR and MO)  
AR Lost Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri  (Two factions 1. Conway 1. Dover) http://www.lostcherokeetribe.com/
AR Arkansas Band of Western Cherokee INC (formerly Western Arkansas Cherokee Tribe) Sulphur Springs, AR http://www.arkansascherokees.com/index.html
AR Arkansas White River Cherokee (Lady Lake, FL)  
AR Cherokee-Choctaw Nation of St.Fransis and Black River (Paragould, AR)  
AR Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory  
AR Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians of Missouri and Arkansas  
AR Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee (Mammoth Spring, AR) http://www.amonsoquath.net/
AR Ozark Mountain Cherokee Tribe of Arkansas and Missouri (Melbourne, AR and Alton, MO)  
AR Old Settler Cherokee Nation of Arkansas (Timbo, AR)  
AR The Arkansas Cherokee  
AR Sac River and White River Bands of the Chickamauga and Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri (Springfield, MO) formerly known as No. Chickamaga Cherokee Nation of AR and MO)    
AR Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas & Missouri (Paragould, AR) http://www.westerncherokee.net/
AR Western Cherokee of Arkansas and Louisiana Territories  
AR Neches Tribe - Cherokee Nation (Hot Springs, AR)  Defunct  
AR Chickamauga Cherokee Nation White River Band  
AZ The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Western National Office http://www.theunitedcherokeenation.com/
CA Tuolumne Band of Cherokee Indians (Twain Harte, CA)  
CA Ani Yvwi Yuchi (Cherokee)  
CA Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee CA  
CA The Cherokees of California (Marysville, CA) http://www.cherokeesofcalifornia.com/
CA Cherokee Nation Heritage Organization of California  
FL The Hunter Tsalagi-Choctaw Tribe (Marianna, FL)   
FL Chickamauga Cherokee Indian Creek Band (Deltona, FL) http://www.chickamaugacherokee.org/
FL Choctaws of Florida (AKA Hunter Tsalagi Choctaw Tribe)  
FL Tuscola United Cherokee Tribe of  Florida, Inc. (formerly Tuscola United Cherkees of Florida and Alabama, Inc.)   
FL Wolf Creek Cherokee Tribe, Inc. of Florida http://www.floridacherokee.com/?action=home
GA Cherokee Indians of Georgia, Inc. http://cherokee-indians-of-ga-inc.0pi.com/
GA American Cherokee Confederacy   
GA Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee (1st) http://www.georgiatribeofeasterncherokee.com/
GA Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee (2nd) Dahlonega,GA  
GA Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee (3rd) (William Dover and Charles Thurmond  
GA United Cherokee Nation (Arizona and Georgia)  
GA Cane Break Band of East Cherokees (rejoined Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee, Inc.)  
GA Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Inc.  (American Cherokee Confederacy and Southeastern Cherokee Council) Albany, GA  
GA Broad River Band of Cherokee http://www.broad-river-band-of-cherokee.00server.com/
GA The United Cherokee Nation (UCN) Eastern National Office http://www.theunitedcherokeenation.com/
GA Uganawvkalvgv Kituwah Ayeli  http://members.tripod.com/~sekituwahnation/index/
GA Chickamauga Cherokee Band of Northwest Georgia  
GA SouthEastern Indian Nation  
GA Southeast Cherokee Confederacy  
IN Lone Wolf Band of Cherokee Indians  
IN Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indiana  
KS Red Nation of the Cherokee (also operates in AR) http://www.rednation.org
KS Kanasas (Awi Akta) District of NCNOLT  
KS Kaweah Indian Nation (Chief Thunderbird Webber)  
KY Black Wolf Clan of SE Cherokee Council, Inc.  
KY Cherokee Tribe of Kentucky www.cherokeetribeofkentucky.org
KY Kentucky Cherokee Heritage Group (Henderson, Co. KY)  
KY Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky (Henderson, KY) http://www.southerncherokeenation.net/
MI Southeastern Cherokee Council, Inc. http://www.secci.com/
MO Ahi Ni Yv Wiya, Inc.  
MO Western Cherokee (Salem, MO) http://westerncherokee.com/index.html
MO The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory (Columbia, MO) http://www.awiakta.org/
MO Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee  http://amonsoquathbandofcherokee.com/
MO Chickamauga Cherokee Nation  
MO Cherokee Nation West  (Seneca, Mo) www.cherokeenationwest.com
MO Dogwood Band of Free Cherokees  
MO Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians of Missouri and Arkansas (Clinton, MO)  
MO The Wilderness Tribe of Missouri  
MX Cherokee Nation Mexico   
NC Cherokees of Hoke City or Co. (Lumber Bridge, NC)  
NC Cherokee Indian Tribe of Robeson and Adjoining Counties (Red Springs, NC)  
NC Cherokee Powhattan Indian Association (Roxboro, NC)  
NC Cherokees of Robison and Adjoining Counties  
NC Creek-Cherokee Indians , Pine Tree Clan  
NC Free Cherokee (Chapel Hill, NC)  
NC Ridge Band of Cherkees (Ridgecrest, NC)  
NC Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Silver Cloud Clan,  (Cedar Grove, NC)
NC Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy (Haw River, NC)  
NC Tsalagi Nation Early Emigrants 1817   
NJ Cherokee Nation of New Jersey  
NJ Osprey Band of Free Cherokees  
NM Alburquerque Township Cherokee Nation  
NY North-Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepxrv5/nebci/index.html
NY Deer Council of Free Cherokees  
NY CherokeeBlackfeet http://www.cherokeeblackfeet.org
NY Nuy Keetoowah, Inc.   
NY Ohatchee Cherokee Tribe of New York and Alabama  
OH Cherokee Delaware Indian Center (Coshocton, Ohio)  
OH Cherokee United Intertribal Indian Council  
OH Chickamauga Keetoowah Unami Band of Cherokee  
OH Eastern Cherokee Nation, Overhill Band (Columbus, OH)  
OH Etowah Cherokee Nation (Portsmouth, OH)  
OH Tallige Cherokee Nation, Fire Clan (Lucasville,Ohio) http://www.tallige.com/
OH Free Cherokee, Four Direction Coucil (Toledo, Ohio)  
OH Free Cherokee, Hokshichanklya Band (Creola, Ohio)  
OK OK (Ani Tsi Na) District of the NCNOLT  
OK Canadian River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation  
OK Northern Cherokee Tribe of Indians (Weatherford, OK)  
OK Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Horse Clan  
OK Southern Cherokee Nation  (Webbers Falls, OK) http://southerncherokeeok.com/
OK Northern Chickamaunga Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri (Miami,OK)  
OK United Band of the Western Cherokee Nation   
OR Northwest Cherokee Deer Clan  
OR Northwest Cherokee Wolf and Paint Clan (Salem,OR)  
OR The Cherokee Delaware Tribe of the Northwest www.cherokeedelawaretribe.org
OR Northwest Cherokee Wolf Band of the Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy (Talent, OR)  
PA Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy of Pennsylvania http://www.secherokee-confederacypa.org/
PA Tsalagi Elohi Cherokee Earth  
PA Free Cherokee-Chickamauga (Chesne,PA)  
PA United Cherokee Tribe of West Virginia, (Sewicky, S. Carolina)  
PA White Path Society http://whitepathesociety.org/
SC Cherokees of South Carolina (Columbia, SC)  
SC Broad River Band of Cherokee  
SC Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois & United Tribes of South Carolina, Inc http://www.cherokeesofsouthcarolina.com/
SC Free Cherokee-Chickamauga  
TN Chikamaka Cherokee Band of the South Cumberland Plateau Region, Inc. http://www.chikamaka.org/
TN Tennessee River Band of Chickamauge Cherokee http://www.angelfire.com/tn/trbccscn/
TN Cherokee Wolf Clan (Yuma, TN)  
TN Chota Nation (Sweetwater, TN)  
TN Turkey Town Association of the Cherokee (Nashville, TN)  
TN Cherokee of Lawrence Co. (Sugar Creek Band of the SECCI AKA Central Band of Cherokee (Leoma, TN)  
TN Buffalo Ridge Cherokees  
TN Chickamauga Circle Free Cherokee (Chattanooga, TN)  
TN Cumberland Creek Indian Confederation (Tracy City, TN)  
TN Eastern Cherokee Nation (Chattanooga, TN)  
TN East Tennessee Overhill Cherokee Descendants  
TN Elk Valley Band-Council of Chickamauga Cherokee (Estill,TN)  
TN Free Cherokee Tennessee River Band Chickamauga (Jasper, TN)  
TN Free Cherokee (Grandview, TN)  
TN Free Cherokees Chickamaugan Circle (Ooltewah, TN)  
TN Free Cherokee Good Medicine Society  (Grandview, TN)   
TN Red Clay Band of Southeast Cherokee Confederacy (Ooltewah, TN )  
TN Red Stick Confederacy (Franklin, TN)  
TN  Free Cherokee of Tennessee (Evensvillie, TN)  
TN Elk Valley Council Band of Free Cherokee (Pigeon Forge, TN)  
TN Etowah Cherokee Nation (Cleveland, TN)  
TN Etowah Cherokee Nation (Pigeon Forge, TN)  
TN  Tennessee Band of the Cherokee (Strawberry Plains, TN)  
TN Aniywiyai Native People (Cleveland, TN)  
TN Appalachian Confederated Tribes (Lee Vest, Kingsport)AKA Upper Cumberland Cherokee  
TN Aniyunweya Nation (Lyles, TN)  
TN Over-Hill Indian Nation - Cherokee  (Englewood - Tellico Plains)  
TN Deer Clan of East Tennessee (Lenoir, TN)_  
TN Faraway Cherokee Association (Memphis, TN)  
TN Tanasi Council of the Far Away Cherokee (Memphis, TN)  
TN Tanasi Native American Group (Knoxville, TN)  
TN Tennessee Band Cherokee, Inc. Earth Clan (Nashville, TN)  
TN Tennessee Band of Eastern Cherokee (Knoxville, TN)  
TN TeeHahNahMah Nation  (Rockwood, TN)  
TN Tohcahe Band White Wolf Guardian Spirit  
TN Tsalagi Intertribal Warrior Society  
TN United Eastern Lenape Nation Middle Division Inc.  (formerly known as Cherokee of the Upper Cumberland,  Knoxville)  
TN United South and Eastern Tribes (Nashville, TN)  
TN Central Band of Cherokee AKA Cherokees of Lawrence Co. TN  www.cherokeeoflawrencecountytn.org
TN Western Cherokee, TN (Break away from Ar and MO,  Atoka, TN  
TX American Cherokee Tribe of Texas (Lumberton,  TX)  
TX Cherokee Nation of Texas Limited  
TX Free Cherokee, Hummingbird Clan, (Dallas, TX)  
TX Cherokee Nation of Texas Tsalagi Nvdagi Troup  
TX Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Hawk Clan (Mineral Wells, TX)  
TX Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy, Sequoyah Clan (El Paso, TX)  
TX Southeastern Cherokee Tirbe abd Associated Bands (Porter, TX) http://hometown.aol.com/atsila/SoCherokeeHomePage.html
TX Texas Band of Cherokee Indians of the Mount Tabor Indian Community  
TX Texas Gulf Coast Cherokee and Associated Bands New Caney, TX  
TX Texas Buffalo Bayou Band of Chickamaugan Cherokee, Southern Cherokee Nation  
TX Court of the Golden Eagle, The Oukah  
TX Sovereign Cherokee Nation (Tejas, Mesquite, Dallas) www.texascherokeenation.org
UT Cherokee Indian Descendents Organization of the Ani-Yun-Wiya  
UT Colorado River Band of the Southern Cherokee Nation  
UT Rocky Mountain Band of Cherokee Descendents - Magna  
VT Free Cherokee, Tribal Council, Springfield,  VT  
VT Green Mountain Band of Cherokee (Bristol, VT)  
VT Sunray Meditation Society  (Bristol, VT)  
VA Appalachian Cherokee Nation  
VA Buffalo Ridge Cherokees  
VA Cherokee of Virginia Birdtown  
VA Free Cherokees Spider Clan (Richmond, VA)  
VA Inagel Tsalagi, Cherokee of Virginia (Rapidan, VA)  
VA Northern Tsalagi Indian Nation  
VA Southern Cherokee Confederacy, Pine Log Clan,  (Fairfax, VA)  
VA Turtle Band of Cherokee  (Evington, VA)  
VA United Cherokee Tribe of Virginia (Madison Heights)  
VA Wolf Creek Cherokee Indian Tribe of Virginia http://www.wolfcreekcherokeetribe.com/
WV United Cherokee Tribe of West Virginia  
WA Free Cherokees, Four Directions Council, Toledo  
WA Anisahani Blue Clan, Woodland  
WS Southern Cherokee Confederacy, Wisconsin  
VBC Southern Cherokee Confederacy, Haddock/Compton Clan (Vancouver)  
WDC Cherokee Tuscarora Nation of Turtle Island (Washington, D.C.) www.unitednationsofturtleisland.com
MB Chewah Cherokee Nation (Amaranth, MB ROH OBO Canada)  




Proof of Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

Efforts to Disenfranchise Cherokee People







Resolution 1# 00-08



WHEREAS, the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians since time immemorial have exercised the sovereign rights of self-government on behalf of the Cherokee people; and


WHEREAS, the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians are federally recognized Indian Nations with a historic and continual government to government relationship with the United States of America; and


WHEREAS, the Joint Council unites the Legislative Branches of government of the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, representing approximately 294,000 Cherokee people throughout the United States of America; and


WHEREAS, the two Cherokee Tribal governments share a common history prior to forced removal in 1838, and then separate histories to the present, yet our common language, culture, and traditions have made the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians distinct and unique Native people from other Indian Tribes and other people, as was declared by the Joint Council in Resolution No. 3-92, adopted on Augusl II, 1992 in Cherokee, North Carolina; and


WHEREAS, the Cherokee Nation has been aware of a growing number of non-Indian groups claiming to be Cherokee tribes or bands and that these groups have been organizing and attempting to gain federal recognition, this problem being acknowledged by the Joint Council in Resolution No. 008, adopted on October 3, 1988 in Cherokee, North Carolina; and


WHEREAS, the Department of the Interior through the Bureau of Indian Affairs' Branch of Acknowledgment and Research maintains the responsibility for addressing specific applications for federal recognition and The Cherokee Nation and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians fully support the federal recognition process; and


WHEREAS, the history of the Cherokee Nation and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is well documented and no other tribes or bands of Cherokee Indians exist aside from those already federally recognized, which includes the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma; and


WHEREAS, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the Cherokee Nation in Joint Council assembled in Resolution No. 4-96, adopted on October 4, 1996 have previously expressed opposition to the "state recognition" process by the State of Georgia or other states in the United States who may seek to recognize a group of 'Cherokee' that do not already have federal recognition;


WHEREAS, public funding by pseudo-Cherokee Tribes is of epidemic proportions and often involves membership fees; misleading presentations to school children and interference in a multitude of government functions including child welfare cases; and


WHEREAS, the sovereignty and reputation of the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, as well as members the general public continue to be in jeopardy due to the acts of individuals who organize and administer fabricated Cherokee tribes; and


WHEREAS, untold millions of federal dollars that are appropriated for the benefit of tribal people are being diverted from their intended purpose, including money distributed by federal agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Native Americans, the Department of Labor, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture and other federal agencies.


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Joint Council of the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians do hereby support the federal recognition process of the Department of the Interior as administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs Branch of Acknowledgment and Research, and endorse the criteria used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as appropriate; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Cherokee Nation and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians denounce the state or federal recognition of any further 'Cherokee' tribes or bands, aside from the those already federally recognized, and commit to exposing and assisting state and federal authorities in eradicating any group which attempts or claims to operate as a government of the Cherokee people; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that no public funding from any federal or state government should be expended on behalf of non-federally recognized 'Cherokee' tribes or bands or the individual members thereof; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Cherokee Nation and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians shall call for a full accounting of all federal monies given to state recognized, unrecognized or 501(c)(3) charitable organizations that claim any Cherokee affiliation.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the federal and state governments should stringently apply a federal definition of "Indian" that includes only citizens of federally recognized Indian tribes, to prevent non-Indians from selling membership in 'Cherokee' tribes for the purpose of exploiting the Indian Arts and Crafts Act.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that no 501(c)(3) organization, state recognized or unrecognized groups shall be acknowledged as Cherokee,


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that any individual who is not a member of a federally recognized Cherokee tribe, in academia or otherwise, is hereby discouraged from claiming to speak as a Cherokee, or on behalf of Cherokee citizens, or using claims of Cherokee heritage to advance his or her career or credentials.


BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that this Resolution shall be the policy of the Joint Council of the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians until it is withdrawn or modified by subsequent resolution.



The foregoing resolution was adopted by the Councils of the Cherokee Nation and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians at the Joint Council Meeting held in Catoosa, Oklahoma on April 9, 2008, having joint council members present, constituting a quorum, by the vote of ___yea; ____nay; abstaining.


Meredith A. Frailey


Council of the Cherokee Nation



Mike Parker

Chairman of the Tribal Council

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians


Approved and signed by the Principal Chiefs this 9th day of April, 2008.


Chadwick Smith

Principal Chief

Cherokee Nation


Michell Hicks

Principal Chief




This page will be updated as information on actions by each side of the controversy and news reports become available.





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