Abenanki Chiefs and Leaders

Abenaki History - Part I

Achomawi History Brief

Acolapissa People

Acoma History Brief

Akwesasne Mohawks Expelled

Alabama History Brief

Algonquin History - Part I

Aleut Brief History

Alsea History Brief

American Democracy: An Invention

Anasazi of Southwest Utah

Apache Chiefs and Leaders

Apache History

Apache: Tzoe "Peaches"

Apache Medicine Dance in 1898

Arapaho History Brief

Arikara Tribe Brief History

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Betrayal of Sergeant Crazy Horse 

Blackfeet Nation

Black-and-White World of Walter Plecker

The Bloody Island Massacre

Caddo History in Brief

Cahuilla History and Notes

Calusa Indian History

Cataba History

Cherokee Adoptions

Cherokee Culture 

Cherokees Didn't Celebrate American Thanksgiving until 1885  

Cherokee Law

Cheyenne Dog Soldiers

Chief Black Kettle

Chief Kanagagota, Standing Turkey

Civilizations of America

Columbus Day in United States

Comanche History 

Constitution of the Six Nations

Claims of the Pembina Nation

Damaging Three Words of the Declaration of Independence

Dec 29 - Anniversary of Wounded Knee

de Soto Map of Travels in Arkansas

Doctrine of Discovery

Do you know American’s original people?

Face Paint Practices 

Exemplar of Liberty: Forward

     Chapter 1  Vox Americana

     Chapter 2  Perceptions of Democracy

     Chapter 3 Natural Man in an Unnatural Land

     Chapter 4 Ennobling `Savages'

     Chapter 5 Errand in the Wilderness

     Chapter 6 The White Roots Reach Out

     Chapter 7 Mohawks, Axes and Taxes

     Chapter 8 A New Chapter

     Chapter 9 American Synthesis

     Chapter 10 Kindling A New Council Fire

     Chapter 11 The Persistence of an Idea


Face Paint Practices

Forgotten Founders - Amer. History

Geronimo at Fort Pickens

Geronimo and Fort Pickens

Great Law of Peace

Great Yaqui Nation

Honoring The Tula - People of the Great Water

Huastec Monolith of Mexico 

History of the Shawnee from 1681 to 1854

History of the Shawnee Indians 

How The Powwow Began...

Indian according to the B.I.A.

Iroquois Territory -- Then and Today

Jatibonicu Taino Tribe of Borikén

Junípero Serra's Road to Sainthood is Controversial

Kennewick Man

Kiowa Calendar

Kiowa Powwows:  Continuity of the Gourd Dance

Kituwah (Cherokee) People

Kiwigapawa - Kickapoo History and Culture

Lakota History - Crazy Horse

Legendary Indian Chiefs Who Advocated for Tribes

Lënape - Delaware Nation

Levi General-Deskaheh: A True Iroquois Hero

Lewis & Clark...and the Indians

Lies Teachers Tell Us About Columbus

Little Bighorn Reborn

Major Howard Egan’s Diary


Desoto - Manataka Plaque Desecrated by NPS

The Legend of the Quapaw Cave, Reexamined

Menominee Clans

Micmac Culture

Micmac History

Mohawk Nation - Official Positions within

Monocan Nation History

Nampeyo: Hopi Master Potter

Oklahoma Statehood and Indian Nations

Oneida Nation!

Origins of the Smoke Signal 

Osage History Part I

Ottawa Chief Pontiac

Papal Bull of 1493

Pembina Nation Claims

Pima Indian Tribe History

Pocahontas' Earrings

Political Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers  

Potawatomie History

Puerto Rico History

Red Cloud's Pipe

Remembering a Massacre

Removals and Seminole War -

Sand Creek Massacre

Saponi Nation

Sacajawea - The True Story

Scalping: Fact & Fantasy

Sequoyah - A Cherokee Giant

Sitting Bull - The True Story

Starved Rock

Story of Chief Gray Horse

Tekahionwake: A Voice from Two Worlds

The Tonkawa Story New!

The Legacy of Wounded Knee

The Long Walk: Tragedy Unobserved 150 Years Later

Thirteen Towers of Chankillo

Timucua Indians of the Southeast

300 Reasons Not To Forget Wounded Knee

Tribes/Nations Address Book 

The Black-and-White World of Walter Plecker

Tonkawa Story

Travels of De Soto's Spanish Conquistadors and the Tula People

Turtle Island: The Original Name for North America

Tzoe "Peaches"

WA SHE SHU: The Washoe People

What is a Winter Count?

White Mountain Apache History

Winter Counts 

Who were the Beothuk Indians?

Who were the Pocumtuc Indians?

Will Rogers' Overlooked Cherokee Roots

Yamassee Indians 

Yavapai - Hoo-Moo-Thy-Ah

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