Anasazi Equinox Marker and Connections to Lakota Star

ANASAZI of Southwest Utah

Equinox Sunrise & Sunset Horizon Markers

Gorge Dig at Manataka Reveals Past-Present- and Future

Ice Age Animals in SW Rock Art by Ray Urbaniak

Judaculla Rock, NC- Solstice Horizon Marker

Sacred Rocks by Ray Urbaniak

Summer Solstice Sunset Marker

Winter Solstice Sunset Ceremonial Serpent Mound


Biographies, Sketchs

A man of great vision departs Mount Rushmore Memorial

Deserving of Honor - Albert Afraid of Hawk  09-01-13

Onondaga Clanmother Audrey Shenandoah  04-01-12

Choctaw Chief Martin

Jim Thorpe: 1888-1953

Les Lobaugh: The Navajo Lawyer  02-01-12

Native Radio Circuit Rider

Navaho Casket Maker Tony Beneli 

Roy Boney and the Cherokee Syllabary  10-01-11

Ten Notable American Indians

The Tragedy of Woableza

Thorpe: Greatest Athlete in the World

Tsolagui M.A. RuizRazo

Wilma Mankiller


Book Reviews

Girty: The Legend 02-01-11

The Wisdom Walkers



American Indian Children

30 Mass Graves of School Children Discovered


Contemporary Stories

Adventures Living Off Rez  09-01-13

Amer Indian Poverty is BIG Business for Charity Scams

A Reflection on the Relevance of the Indigenous

Arrogance of Ignorance: Hidden Away 

A World in the Critical Times

Biopiracy Patents: Rise of Intellectual Imperialism

Cherokee Baby Veronica Brown  10-01-13

Controversial Indian Symbols on U.S. State Flags

Crazy Horse Monument 65-Years in the Making  03-01-12

Dance of the Blue Blanket

Depopulation in Indian Country, 21st Century 05-15-12
For The Love of Money 

Gulf oil spill could push Pointe-au-Chien Indian tribe

How an Indigenous Tribe Changed a Missionaries 07-01-12

Indian Country Reporter Censored and Fired

Indians Don't Know Jack! 

Houma Indians and the Oil Spill  New!

Keepers of the Stronghold Dream 

Kim Summer Moon's Indälo Trilogy

Land Bridge Migration Theory Finally Debunked   

Land Donated to Hiawatha Institute 10-01-11

Legacy of mistrust ... And reason to hope

Living with Terror

Lost People

Message From International Mayan League

Mistake on the Mountain - Crazy Horse

Mohawk Haircut: A Current Rage  10-01-13

Native Against Native Racism

Native Americans in a Postmodern World  04-01-12

Noquisi and the Bird - fiction, inspiration

Oklahoma Sun Dance

Old Rez Road - fiction

On Pine Ridge, Broken Promises

Our Children's Future By Morten Wolf Storeide, Norway

Peace found in a Check out Line

Prison At Night

Relocation is Genocide

Rez Winter  New!

Self-help speaker charged in AZ sweat lodge deaths

Sorry for Not Being A Stereotype

Self-help speaker charged in AZ sweat lodge deaths

Sweat Lodge Deaths Attributed to Greed and Ignorance

The Bear and Me Up a Tree   New!

The One Great Chief

The 2010 Census is Important to all American Indians

2012 Time Odyssey by Sharron Rose

Thinking BIG Thoughts vs Poor Planning  05-01-11

Tontomania   08-01-13

Tribalism as Pop Culture Phenomenon  08-01-12

Triumph of the Mohawk Nation

War on the Border 

Who are illegal immigrants??


Warriors of the Rainbow  New!

Why the Natives are at the Point of Outrage  09-01-13

Women Cannot Touch My Drum!  03-01-11



After more than a century, tribes hunt bison again  03-01-11

Consciousness of Taino: Explorations of Identity 10-01-11

Cultural Preservation – Why It Matters

Dance to Heal the Earth  New!

Destroying Indigenous Populations

DINEH Cultural Sensitivity & Preparedness

Pointing With Our Lips

Smiling Indians  04-01-11

Spirit Hawk Eye: A Tribute to American Native Culture

The Talking Rocks of the Ancients New!

The Truth About Hair  03-01-11

Where Are The Children Buried?

Native Blood in Boriken (Puerto Rico)  06-01-11

Why Ceremonies are Vital to the Mohawk 03-01-12

Summer Solstice Sunset Marker Ray Urbaniak  08-01-12


Elders Speak

Interview With Pete V. Catches - Part I 

An Interview With Pete V. Catches - Part II

Oceti Wakan - Peter Catches

The Boy and The Blanket by Takatoka

Wisdom of the Ancients by Fred Wilcoxson



A Journey to Chief Crazy Horse National Monument 

Ceremonies Disputed

Experiencing The World Drum 

Rare white buffalo calf named  08-01-11

Longest Walk 2 

Love and Gratitude Water Ceremony

Spiritual Unity – Gathering of Eagles 

Standing Stone State Park, TN

Wounded Knee Massacre Survivors Run for Their Lives



Acorn Epicures - the Maidu

American Indians Ate Insects

Buggy Recipes - Insect Recipes

Guts and Grease: Diet of Native Americans


Fun Features

Bear? What Bear?  03-01-12

Driftwood Horses 

Eating BUGS!

Eating Flowers!

Hubble Telescope's ten greatest space photos

Listen Up and Laugh—Health Benefits  02-01-12

Meaning of Flowers

Night Before Christmas in Aussie Land  12-01-11

Painted Stone People

Stuck In the Smoke Hole Of Our Tipi  01-01-11

The Three Mosquitoes

The Most Colorful River In The World 

What A Great Idea -- Seniors vs Prisoners  08-01-11


Health and Healing

Choices about Death, Dying, Grief, and Loss  03-01-12

Earthing: Real Healing Power Right Under Your Feet

How To Be Happy In One Easy Lesson

Inner Ecology Healing

New Healing Center Planned for Pine Ridge

12% of Indians Deaths Caused By Alcohol

Raising Your Personal Vibration

Relieving the Burden of Self   02-01-12

VA Taps Ancient Healing Methods 

Native Teen Needs Hard to Find Bone Marrow Donor 

The Bacterium That (Almost) Ate the World  05-01-11

Crow Reservation Flood Leaves Families Homeless



Anasazi Equinox Marker and Connections to Lakota Star Knowledge  10-01-11

Black Indians - The Tour 2  08-01-12

Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson  12-01-10

Clearing Spaces, Clearing Vibration  09-01-12

Corn: The First to Know Maize  10-01-11

First Tongue: An Ancient Global Language  08-01-12

Great Law of Peace

Hiawatha Insane Asylum   

Historical Roots of a Nation

Importance of the Indian Americans

Lies My Teacher Taught Me… 

Lies Teachers Tell Us About Columbus  07-01-12

Mermaid Tales From Native Tribes Abound  08-01-12

Mohawk People at the Time of Kateri Tekakwitha 08-01-12

Naming of North America

Old Indian Days  Entire Book!  

Origin of North Eastern North American Indians 05-01-12

Quiz Game: Native American Influences in U.S. History

Soul Wound: Legacy of Native American Schools

We Shall Remain 

Holidays - Christmas - Columbus Day, Etc.

American Indian Christmas 

American Indian Christmas Customs

Christmas Between Adobe and Kiva

Celebrate Columbus Day?  New!

Deconstructing Myths of the First Thanksgiving

The Iroquois Thanksgiving Address  11-01-10

National Day of Mourning  12-01-10

Plymouth Thanksgiving Story

Real Story of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Myths

True Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning



A Basket of Burdens 

A Father, a Daughter and a Dog

Grandfather and His Grandchildren New!

Message of Hope and Unity





Laws, Government, Politics

A Conversation with a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

About Michele Obama  New!

Activism is Taking Over 

American Indian Probate Reform Act

An Open Letter to the President

Arising from Sacred Land, Aiming to the Future  01-01-11

Aussies Impose Martial Law on Aborgines 

Baby Veronica and the Indian Child Welfare Act

Department of Justice New Eagle Feather Policy

Cherokee Dred Scott Decision  10-01-11

Cherokee Nation Defined - Opinion 

Chickamauga Cherokee Seek Federal Recognition

Citizenship Denied: The Latest in the Cherokee Freedmen Saga

Constitution of the Six Nations

Death of an Eagle

Disenrollment ! A New Type of Racism

Eagle Feathers Confiscated

Episcopal Church Exposes the Doctrine of Discovery  10-01-11

Government Owes 30,000 Indians Royalties for Land... 

Greetings on Colonization Day  10-01-11

Illegal Feathers Case  New!

Inherent Sovereignty Over National Lands

41-Year Legacy of Mohawk Resistance at the Akwesasne

Indian According to the B.I.A. 

The Indian Model of Liberty  10-01-11

Miller: Will others follow Episcopal Church’s lead?

Misinformed Legislators Pass Unfunded Mandate  02-01-12

National Park Service Gone Rogue: A Whistleblower  02-01-12

Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery

Revoke the Inter Caetera Papal Bull of 1493 10-01-11

Right to Return: Haudenosaunee Passports Denied by Obama

Sovereignty Is an Asset 

State of Indian Nations Today

Time for A New Eagle Feather Law

Time for the United States to Apologize  04-01-12

Tribe opposes Substation at Kituwah Site   New!

U. S. Forest Service Vandalize Native American Town Site 09-01-12

U.S.'s Shameful Treatment of American Indians

US Reviewing UN Position on Declaration of Indigenous Rights

Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare

Who is Cherokee? 

Wipe Out the Amerindians  01-01-11



Journey to the Skeleton House

You Can Speak Cherokee Today!



New Colorful Creatures

Spider Tower - A Zuni Story


Manataka - The Place of Peace

Australian Manataka Gathering

Aztec Dancers Gather - August 27-28, 2010

Big Sister Little Sister

Change Is Coming… to Manataka   08-01-13

Chief Benito Gray Horse Memorial Teepee Destroyed by NPS

Come Back to the Mountain

Come To Australia!

Did Star People Come to Manataka?

Gorge Dig at Manataka Reveals Past -- Present -- and Future

Hot Springs Video - A Place of Beauty  07-01-11

Hot Springs National Park:  Changing and Erasing History 10-01-11

Indians Claim Ownership of Hot Springs?

Manataka Celebration

Manataka Gathering in Australia

Manataka: Place of Peace or Persecution

Manataka, Place of Peace - Disturbed - Part I

Manataka, Place of Peace - NPS Hate - Part II

Manataka, Place of Peace – Myth or Reality? - Part III

Manataka Sacred Grounds being Developed

Manataka Pride

Manataka: The Rationalist Alternative

Manataka: Welcome Spring at the Place of Peace

Manataka EXPOSED!

Manataka: 2009 Summer Gathering  09-01-09

Manataka Sacred Pipe 01-01-11

Meet Bear's Grandkids

Meeting Standing Bear

My Journey to Manataka

Otto Caballo Blanco Riollano Dávila

Reflections Manataka Oz Gathering  

Patti Blue Star Burdette Memorial

September Manataka Powwow Cancelled  09-01-11

Significance of the of Our Lady of the Rainbow

Warriors of the Rainbow

The Holy Mother of Manataka  03-01-12


Manataka Elders

Elder Council Biographies


Mascot Issue

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A Call from the Wild

Grassland Preservation  08-01-12

Hummingbird Medicine  09-01-13

Indigenous Tribe Earns Validation for Forest Carbon Project

Listen to the Earth

Manataka Honors the Water

Mattaponi River  

Memories of the Standing Ones

Remembering the Passenger Pigeon  10-01-13

Speak to Standing People!

Still Fighting the Toxic Giant  08-01-12

The Wind Song

Three White Buffalo  08-01-11

Water Wars Begin 

Where the Buffalo Now Roam  



A Mohawk Perspective on Haiti

Controversial Indian Symbols on U.S. State Flags

Destroying Indigenous Populations   07-01-12

Federal Government Creates 2 Classes...

Maintaining Culture Is Not an Act of Violence  08-01-12

Native Mascots and Other Misguided Beliefs  08-01-11

Native Prisoners of War  01-01-11

New Indian Country

Open Letter to Peacemakers

Suspension of American Indian Student…   03-01-12

The First Became Last  03-01-12

The Last Acceptable Racism: Native Americans  04-01-11

Where is Future? Greed in America Old Song for Indians  04-01-12



Destroying Indigenous Populations

Lakota Buffalo Caretakers Cooperative 

Oaks Indian Mission

Tennessee Eagle Awards

World Drum Project 



The Eagles Came


Religion, Spiritual

A White Owl Was Carried Into My Life   02-01-12

American Indian Spirituality is Big Business

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 1

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 2

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 3

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 4

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 5 

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 6

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 7

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 8

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 9

Ancient Maya Holy Time - Chapter 10

Beauty Walk by Dan Rearin Horse Beatty

Cherokee Forbidden Ways

Christian Crees Tear Down Sweatlodge  02-01-11

Conscious Being Part I   02-01-12

Conscious Being Part II  03-01-12

Consciuos Being Part III  04-01-12

Conscious Being Part IV  05-01-12
Discussion with 9 Indian Healing Medicine Men 02-01-12

Dream Weaver - A Spiritual Message

From Baptist Pastor to Chickamauga Traditional  10-01-11

From Competition to Compassion   10-01-13

Garden of Eden Discovered !    

Grandfather's Messages 

Hair Raising... A Spiritual Journey

Honoring our Medicine People, their Ancestors

Hopi and Navajo warned Lehman Brothers 

Iroquois Prophecies Tell of Great Changes Ahead

Journey to the Ancestral Self:

Language of Tears  10-01-13

Mayan Calendar Prophecy - World Will Not End

Mayan Shape Shifter

Medicine Wheel for 2011  02-01-11

Naming Ceremony

One with the Animals  10-01-13

Our Earth Mother & Purification Time  05-01-12
Reconciliation  10-01-11

Reconciliation - Part II  05-01-12

Reinventing the Wheel - Meria Heller

Religious Freedom in Theory and Practice  08-01-11

Return of the Bird Tribes   07-01-12

Sharing the Sacred Pipe  09-01-13

Song of Life

Spirit and Stardust

Struggle for Religious Freedom

Tekakwitha Acted of Her Own Free Will  06-01-12

The Century of The Rights of Mother Earth

The Power of the World Works In Circles  10-01-13

The Time of Purification: Update On Hopi Prophecy 

13th Step: Peyote Ceremony Cured Author’s Addictions 09-01-13

To Walk the Red Road

2012 & Beyond, Rainbow Warriors

2012 is Coming by Blue Star Burdette

2012 Controversy 

2012 - Significance to the Maya  04-01-12

Using the Medicine Wheel


Sacred Sites

Big Mountain:  Where the Profession is Hope

Cherokee Council Designates Kituwah Mound 'Sacred Site"

Crystal Cave of the Giants

Native American Sacred Sites

Native American Sacred Sites and the DoD

Black Mesa - Relocation is Genocide

Black Mesa Syndrome

Black Mesa - Big Mountain - Hope

Ice Age Animals in SW Rock Art  09-01-13

Sacred Bear Butte Threatened!

Sacred Places in the Great Basin  04-01-12

Sacred Rocks   09-01-13

Save Pe’Sla  09-01-13

Tlamco: mystical solar temple of ancient time

Two Rivers Mound Troubles

Where Words Mean as Much as Objects  09-01-13

Who's Digging Up Grandma's Bones?



Adapt to Climate Change, NOW   09-01-13

Eleven Lies about Indigenous Science

Mathematics Used by American Indians North of Mexico

Positive Impact of Biodegradable Products  09-01-13



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All Creation Around Us by Kim Wilson

Hunting by Norman Cordova

Indian Craft Work

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